More than 10,000 homes are at risk due to fierce fire in California’s forests

There is a huge fire in the forests of California. So far, the fire has burnt forest and tree wood spread over an area of ​​197,487 acres. Even after 22 percent control of forest fires has been achieved, more than 10,000 houses remain at risk.

The Dixie Fire, which is currently the largest fire incident in California, reported on Tuesday, Xinhua news agency. After meeting with small fly fire, this fire is getting worse. The fire also destroyed at least 16 homes and other buildings.

It is the 15th largest wildfire in California history. This is the second fire in the state this year. It was granted megafire status on July 22 when it engulfed more than 100,000 acres. Since then the fire has almost doubled in five days.

The Beckworth Complex fire in Plumas National Forest received the designation earlier this month and spread to nearly 105,000 acres with a 98 percent fire on Monday. More than 5,400 personnel were engaged to douse the fire. They are working 24 hours to put out the fire.

There are currently over 85 major wildfires raging across the country, most of them in western states. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, the fire has completely scorched about 1,511,162 acres of land till Monday.


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