More than one dangerous weapon is coming in the world

Moscow: Drones are now being used openly in the battlefield and it has become clear that now all the tasks impossible for humans in war will now be done through drones. Submarines that run without humans are the newest invention. A submarine can go up to 400 to 500 meters under the sea. On going down from it, the submarine will break and all those present in it will be killed. So now Drone Submarine will be launched on the front.

Such a drone submarine can be taken to an unlimited depth in the sea and it can be kept hidden under the sea for as long as it wants. When needed, this submarine will suddenly come out of the depths of the ocean and attack.

China claimed to have landed its first drone submarine in the sea in the first week of July. China has been working on such a human-powered drone submarine since 2010. In December 2020, one such small drone submarine was found in the Indonesian sea, which was stationed on the path from which the way to the Indian Ocean leads. However, China then denied having any connection with it. Russian scientists have succeeded in creating such a drone submarine, which can go up to a depth of 11,000 meters in the sea.

Know that during India’s tension with China, a large number of armored tanks were deployed in Ladakh. The open and wide plains of Ladakh are ideal places for tank battles. The Indian Army understands the respect of tanks at this place, so it started deploying T-72 tanks here from 2015 itself. After May 2020, the Indian Army’s most modern tank T-90 was also deployed in Ladakh.

In September 2020, the Indian Army deployed its tanks at Rezang La, Rechin La and Mukhpri hills at an altitude of 15,000 to 17,000 feet, forcing China to come to the negotiating table. These tanks were withdrawn only after the agreement with China in February 2021.

But for fighting in mountainous terrain, T-72 or T-90 tanks weighing 45 to 50 tons face many difficulties. It is difficult to take them through narrow mountain roads. Bridges over rivers and streams in mountainous areas are often not built to carry such a heavy weight. The Indian Army is looking for light tanks especially for fighting in areas like Ladakh and has floated a global tender for 350 tanks weighing less than 25 tonnes.

India is particularly interested in Russia’s Sprout Tank which is in its final stages of testing. During the visit of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to Russia in 2020, it was also agreed that Indian representatives would also be present during the trials of the tank. The biggest feature of this tank is that it can be parachuted along with its crew. This tank can cross rivers and can fire even while floating.

T 14 ARMATA is Russia’s newest and modern tank and the process of inducting it into the Russian army has started. Its design is different from any tank till date and it is being developed as the most powerful tank of the future. The most important thing in this is that the tank crew has also been protected in an internal armor capsule.

The biggest threat to any tank is from the top angle attack. But the crew in Armata can be protected from this attack by hiding under strong armor. It is not affected by any kind of anti-tank attack. It is planned to have 2300 tanks in the Russian army by 2025.

Indian Army mainly uses Russian T-72 and T-90 tanks so it is easy for them to arrange maintenance and spare parts of a new Russian tank. In the open plains of Jammu, Punjab and Rajasthan in India’s border with Pakistan, tanks are especially responsible for fighting. Tanks have also played the most role in the ongoing tension with China in Ladakh since May 2020. Therefore, the Indian Army is continuously increasing the strength of its tanks.

The border is being violated continuously through drones from Pakistan side. Small drones are being sent inside the border of Punjab, Jammu or Rajasthan for smuggling or supply of weapons. This threat has become even more serious after the recent drone attack on the airbase of Jammu. It is not easy for the soldiers stationed on the border to find a small drone in the sky in the dark night in inclement weather.

Till now Indian security forces are searching for drones only with the help of binoculars and firing them down. But an anti-tron system developed in Russia can be a simple solution to all these challenges. Repellent Anti Drone System which can be mounted on a vehicle and taken anywhere for patrolling and a system will not allow any drone to come within a radius of 25 km.

A troupe of actors dressed as old soldiers were also deployed at the Army Expo in Moscow to give a glimpse of Russia’s glorious military history. These soldiers wore the uniforms of the soldiers of the great Russian emperor Peter the Great. These soldiers were in the uniform of foot soldiers, cavalrymen and artillerymen of that time.

A cannon was also installed to give more color to the atmosphere of reality. Peter the Great ruled Russia from 1682 to 1725. The special thing is that the musket in the hands of these soldiers is Made in India. Dummies or replicas of old-fashioned weapons made in India are very popular abroad.


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