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The liberal Pashtuns of Pakistan have raised their voice against the efforts of the Pakistani government to create unrest in neighboring Afghanistan by assisting the Taliban. The anti-war group Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) has held massive rallies in several parts of the province over the past few weeks. Thailand’s Hagar Media reported that the PTM condemned the Taliban and expressed its support for the Afghan government. Paytm has also strengthened its hold in the North-Western regions of the country in recent years. This organization is raising voice against government sponsored terror in and around the country.

Pakistan is responsible for the deteriorating condition of Afghanistan

Pashtuns in the country’s north-western region believe that Pakistan is responsible for the deteriorating condition of Afghanistan as Islamabad has been supporting the terrorist group for a long time and is now providing all kinds of assistance to the Taliban. Hagar said that most of these ethnic Pashtuns are alert to the never-ending war in their territory. Both the Taliban and the Imran Khan government are held responsible for the devastation in their region. Progressive Pashtuns in the north-western regions of Pakistan are not inclined towards the terrorist group as they believe that violence can never bring peace.

Pashtuns condemn Taliban attacks on Afghan forces

Hagar said he had recently organized a conference in Charsadda in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to discuss the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. The Pashtuns have condemned the Taliban’s attacks on Afghan forces and the US’s Doha agreement with the Taliban.

Having said that the agreement makes the terror group practically legal. They also fear that the control of a terrorist group in the surrounding region may affect the north-west region of Pakistan as well. The party has gained ground in the northwestern regions of the country in recent years. It is raising its voice against the terror sponsored by the Government of Pakistan in and around the country.

There have been several attempts by the government to target Pashtun activists because they speak against the Imran Khan government. Last week, the handcuffed body of Awami National Party (ANP) leader Malik Ubaidullah was found in Pishin district of Balochistan. The body was recovered from Muhajir Camp Saran in the district.

Government is campaigning against Pashtuns in Balochistan

Forced disappearances of political activists, students and other intellectuals are now common in Balochistan as Pakistani security forces have launched a campaign to silence dissidents there. Earlier this month Pashtun leader Mahmud Khan Achakzai called on the Imran Khan-led Pakistan government to condemn its support for the war in Afghanistan, saying peace in the country was vital to regional stability. Pakistan’s Awami National Party leader Achakzai recently said that the world should respect Afghanistan’s independence.


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