Now how many American citizens are left in Afghanistan, what is Biden’s message for them

Even after the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, some Americans still remain in Afghanistan. Although their number is only from 100 to 200. In a statement issued by the White House, it has been said that the US has safely evacuated about 98 percent of its Americans who wish to return from Afghanistan. It said that America is committed to taking out the rest of its citizens as well.

US President Joe Biden, speaking to reporters, Americans who have remained in Afghanistan have dual citizenship. Most of these families are there. That’s why he couldn’t come back. He has also said that the time limit for exit from Afghanistan was only for US forces. This time limit does not apply to US citizens. So they can come back even further. America will fully help such citizens.

Biden has also said that Secretary of State Antony Blinken is continuing diplomatic efforts to get the Americans out there safely. These include those Afghans who have helped America in some way or the other in the last two decades. Apart from this, American citizens are also included in this. The Taliban captured Kabul on 15 August. Since then, America has safely evacuated about 1.25 lakh people from there. There is currently no American soldier in Afghanistan. After America’s exit from Kabul, the Taliban have taken control of Kabul airport. The last plane of the US Air Force took off late on Monday.

Biden has appealed to the international world to keep pressure on the Taliban to live up to their word. It also includes the free movement of people. The Taliban has spoken through radio TV to give a safe way to such people who want to leave the country. Biden said that we cannot leave him alone. America started evacuating its people from Kabul about 17 days ago. In this earlier 5500 people were evacuated from there. These included diplomats from other countries, Americans and their families working in the embassy, ​​Afghans working there and their families.


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