One more named among the suspects in the assassination of President Jovenel Mousse

Since the alleged assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Mousse, action is being taken against the suspects. In the same sequence, the police have framed the charges against former Supreme Court Justice Wendell Kok-Thelot under suspicion. According to police, before Mousse’s murder, Coke-Thelot had met Colombian killers.

search for absconding suspect

The assassination of the President in broad daylight in Haiti has thrown the entire country into a chaotic situation. The conspirators of the murder, including the killers, are being sought all over the world including America. Police had also issued an arrest warrant for former Supreme Court judge Wendell Kok-Thelot in the past, but he is absconding. No one has any information about his whereabouts. Coke-Thelot was kicked out of the judiciary along with two other judges in the month of February. Because, Mousse had accused him of plotting a coup.

murderers confirmed

According to Haiti’s National Police Spokesperson Inspector General Marie Michelle Verrier, Colombian killers and Haitian-Americans arrested in the wake of Mousse’s murder have confirmed that they met with Kok-Thelot. Also some have told that, he has also gone to his house twice. The killers have also given details of documents signed during the meetings. Police have also raided other houses in rural areas, including his residence, in search of the suspect, but so far no leads have been found.

Many questions related to murder

There are many such questions related to the murder of Mousse, the answers to which are constantly being searched, but nothing has come up so far. For example, who is mainly behind the murder, how did the killers enter the President’s house etc. For the murder of Mousse, the police have so far mainly blamed Colombian killers. Three of whom were killed in an encounter with the police. At the same time, a high security official of the President was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder.


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