Painful screams and groans are heard across the prison walls

With the advent of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the limits of cruelty have been crossed and there is an atmosphere of panic everywhere. Most cases of women and journalists being beaten up and tortured in various ways are coming to the fore. The screams of journalists, the torment and the cries of women are being heard from across the prison walls. Therefore, a high official of the United Nations has appealed to the Taliban administration to respect the rights of women.

Pramila Patton, UN in-charge for women’s affairs in Afghanistan, has protested against the brutal thrashing of women for peaceful demonstrations, saying she is shocked and hurt to see that women in Afghanistan are being brutally beaten up and flogged. are being killed because she is peacefully protesting for her fundamental rights. I am with these Afghan women who raised their voice for their freedom.

Patton said she urges the Taliban to ensure all rights are given to Afghan women and girls. The Taliban must keep their word and give equal rights to women in the public and political life of Afghanistan. UN Special Representative Deborah Lyons told the Security Council that the new reality is that the lives of millions of people in Afghanistan are entirely at the mercy of the Taliban. The UN will also have to see how it will approach high-level officials of the Taliban’s self-styled government.

Taliban starts putting journalists in jails without any crime

Meanwhile, according to Al Jazeera’s report, journalists in Kabul’s prisons told how many other journalists in the same jails were subjected to atrocities. While in captivity, he continued to hear men and women being beaten and screaming across the wall. The voices of women crying and crying in pain kept coming. As soon as the Taliban terrorists identified the journalists, they started putting them in jails without any crime. Many of these journalists were beaten to death for covering the demonstrations in Kabul.

Etilatroz newspaper reporters Taqi Dariabi and Nematullah Cash were imprisoned on Wednesday morning for covering a women’s demonstration. Similarly, two other journalists, Aber Sheygan, Lutfali Sultani, along with their editor Kadim Karimi, were first hit and slapped as soon as the police station arrived to locate their captive accomplices. Then all his belongings including mobile phone were snatched. These three journalists were locked in a small cell where 15 more people were already lodged. Two of them were Reuters reporters and one was a reporter for Turkish news agency Anadolu. During their stay there, these people listened to the tales of atrocities with the money (22) and cash (28) from the rest of the comrades. Both were beaten mercilessly. There are marks of whips on the lower parts of his body. Their faces and arms also have streaks of red blood. They were also beaten up with guns. After several hours of beating, although these five journalists were released, all of them came out of captivity in a deficient condition.

In view of the atrocities on journalists, Germany has immediately evacuated ten correspondents of international broadcaster Dash Well stationed in Afghanistan and sent them to Pakistan. There is also a woman journalist in these ten.


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