Pakistan is wiping hands with its black deeds in Afghanistan, said…

Pakistan is trying to turn its back on its actions done in Afghanistan. After Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and his other ministers, now its ambassador posted in America has also tried to clarify about this. Asad Majid Khan has said that blaming Pakistan for the failure in Afghanistan should stop. In one of his tweets, he said that Afghanistan itself is responsible for this failure. Majid has said that the current situation in Afghanistan has not happened under any strategy of Pakistan Army, but it is its own internal problem. Because of this, the former government of Afghanistan has fallen.

Pakistan’s ambassador has given this statement in response to a letter from US Republican MP Michael G. Waltz in which he appealed to US President Joe Biden to impose sanctions against Pakistan. He alleged that it was because of Pakistan that the Taliban returned to Afghanistan. In his letter, he had directly accused the Imran Khan government that the government and the army had fully helped the Taliban in capturing Kabul. Therefore there is a need to impose strict restrictions against it. He also expressed the apprehension that after the Taliban’s arrival in Afghanistan, this land will become a safe haven for terrorists along with Pakistan.

In response, Majid has written in his letter that efforts should not be made to defame Pakistan on the issue of Afghanistan. About three lakh soldiers were included in the army of Afghanistan, in which Pakistan is being accused. They succumbed to the Taliban. For the failure of Afghanistan, America should also look in its own pocket. According to him, those soldiers of the Afghan Army are directly responsible for this, who took money and kept the weapons. Apart from this, the Afghan government and their leaders are also responsible, who threw the country into difficult situations.

In his letter, Majid has written that Pakistan is working closely with the US and the United Nations for the betterment of Afghanistan. He is also trying to find a political solution to Afghanistan. The principles of both of us are the same on this issue that Afghanistan should not be allowed to become a stronghold of terrorists by any means. The Government of Pakistan has always been working for the interests of Afghans. Pakistan had repeatedly appealed for ceasefire from both sides, but it is unfortunate that both of them ignored Pakistan and did not heed this advice.


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