Pakistani Ambassador in Doha hosts dinner for Taliban leaders

The conflict over the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan has now come to the fore. There were already reports of a standoff between the Haqqani faction and the Taliban. Now Panjshir Observer has tweeted that Abdul Ghani Baradar has been injured in the firing between these two groups. Let us tell you that Baradar’s name was being taken as the prime minister in the future Taliban government. In a tweet made by Panjshir Observer, it has also been said that the injured Baradar is being treated in Pakistan.

According to Panjshir Observer, the firing between these two groups took place on Saturday night. After the constant tussle over power between the two, it has now taken a very fierce form. The tweet also said that Haqqani group leader Anas Haqqani, son of its founder Jaliluddin Haqqani, is against the fight against the Northern Alliance in Panjshir. He was not ready to solve Panjshir in this way. When the dispute escalated, there was a scuffle between the two and later it reached to firing.

A tweet has also been made by the Northern Alliance regarding this incident. However, both of these are not verified accounts from Twitter, so Dainik Jagran does not confirm this. It has been said through this account that the Taliban terrorists are working on the behest of the ISI chief of Pakistan. It has also been said in this that Panjshir can end before the alliance of these terrorists but cannot bow down to Pakistan. We do not accept both Pakistan and Taliban under any circumstances.


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