Pakistan’s nefarious act, after all, why did ISI chief go to Afghan, alarm bells for India

Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency (ISI) chief Lt Gen Faiz Hameed is in Kabul. A Pakistani delegation led by him is also in Afghanistan. The special thing is that this visit of ISI chief to Kabul is taking place at a time when there is a war between Taliban and Panjshir boys for supremacy in Panjshir Valley. Second, strong differences have emerged between the Taliban and other factions regarding government formation in Afghanistan. So what are the implications of the visit of the Pak ISI chief to the Taliban? What is the truth behind Pakistan’s Taliban fascination? How will this visit affect India?

Implications of ISI chief’s visit to Taliban

Pro. Harsh Pant says that Pakistan wants its important role in the formation of the Taliban government. Pakistan is keen to form a government in Afghanistan, which works on its behest. He said that however, the Pakistan government wanted to show the international community that the visit of the ISI chief was at the invitation of the Taliban. Pakistan says that after the capture of Taliban, there is a crisis of Afghan refugees in its country. Under the guise of Afghan refugees, he is busy pursuing his interests.
He said that Pakistan wants complete control over the Taliban. Through this, Pakistan wants to show the world that it can get the Taliban to do whatever they want. By doing so, he also wants to send a message to other countries that Pakistan will have a leading role in taking forward ties with the Taliban in Afghanistan. That is, a country can establish relations with the Taliban only through Pakistan.
He also has another motive behind forming the government of his choice in Afghanistan. Through this, he also wants to control Tehreek-e-Taliban, a terrorist organization operating in Pakistan. Its aim is to promote that group of Taliban which is in line with its interests. He would definitely want a guarantee of control over Tehreek-e-Taliban from the new Taliban regime.
By giving military support to the Taliban in the Panjshir Valley, he also wants to show that he is the only country in the whole world that stands behind his every decision. By doing this he wants to become more special to the Taliban. He said that there are reports that Pakistani army personnel are also supporting the Taliban in Panjshir Valley. Some Pak army personnel have been killed in this war.
He said that Pakistan not only wants to get closer to China and Russia through Taliban, but it also wants to play a role of pressure on America in future. He wants to send the message that to get the Taliban to do something, Pakistan has to be put in the lead.
Pakistan’s activism in Afghanistan is anti-India

Pro. Pant said that if the Taliban government of Pakistan’s choice comes in Afghanistan, then it will have a direct and big impact on India. Especially regarding the terrorism operating in the Kashmir Valley. Pakistan can put tremendous pressure on the Taliban regarding the activism of extremists in Kashmir. He said that this can lead to the activation of extremism in the calm Kashmir Valley. He said that in Taliban-1, Pakistan has been successful in this plan, now it expects the same from Taliban-2. However, Taliban-II has said that it will not interfere in the internal affairs of any other country. He has also said in the past that Article 370 is an internal matter of India, but Pakistan is now in the mood for the Taliban to change its strategy.

Pakistan has accepted the support of Taliban

Pakistan has also admitted to supporting the Taliban on several occasions. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid recently himself admitted that his country has long been a custodian of the Taliban. He said that we have worked to strengthen the Taliban by giving them shelter. The result is visible today that after 20 years this group will once again rule Afghanistan. Earlier, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that Islamabad will continue to play a constructive role in supporting Afghanistan. Not only this, Prime Minister Imran Khan has also expressed happiness in secret words over America’s departure from Afghanistan and the coming of Taliban rule.


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