Panjshir is starting to challenge the Taliban, a big strategy is being made to fight

The Taliban may have captured a large part of Afghanistan, but there is still a place where the Taliban has not been able to capture it. This place is Panjshir. These days a big exercise is going on in Panjshir. This exercise is to give a tough challenge to the Taliban, for which a strategy is being prepared. The country’s former vice-president and self-proclaimed caretaker President Amarullah Saleh, Afghan government loyalists General Abdul Rashid Dostam and Ata Mohamed Noor, and Ahmed Masood of the Northern Alliance are involved in formulating this strategy.

lion of panjshir

Ahmed Mashud is also known as the lion of Panjshir. He is the son of Ahmed Shah Masood, who sounded the bugle against the Taliban. He was the first to open a front against the Taliban in 1990. Tajakh and anti-Taliban were involved in this campaign. After this the number of his supporters kept on increasing. Ahmed Shah Masood has also been the former Defense Minister of the country. Due to their joint efforts, they have recaptured the Charikar area of ​​Parwan province.

strategically important

This area is very important from strategic point of view. This is because this road also connects Kabul with Mazar-e-Sharif. Therefore its capture is being seen as a major victory against the Taliban. Saleh’s soldiers also had an equal share in this victory. He had raided on behalf of Panjishir to capture it. Let us tell you that this is the only province in Afghanistan where the Taliban has not been able to capture it.

This is how it was named

Talking about the naming of Panjshir, it is quite interesting. Actually, it means Valley of the Five Lions. In the 10th century, a dam was built here for the Sultan of Ghazni. It was built by five brothers together. A great success was achieved in controlling the water from this dam. Since then this valley came to be known as Panjshir. Apart from this, Saleh was also born here. From here he also received his military training. Saleh had also announced after the Taliban’s capture of Kabul that he would not bow down to the Taliban under any circumstances.

Russia’s opposition also started from here

Not only did Panjshir take up arms against the Taliban, but the opposition to Russia’s arrival in 1980 also started from here. The importance of Panjshir Valley can also be gauged from the fact that the geographical conditions here are so complex that even the American army could not muster the courage to come here. This is, in fact, the most fortified valley of the Hindukush region, north of Kabul. It is surrounded by mountains high and low. For outsiders, this valley is no less than a maze. The population here is only one lakh. It is about 150 km from Kabul.


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