Power struggle at peak in Afghanistan, split in Taliban, fear of civil war

Three weeks after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the formation of a new government has not been announced. Conflict has erupted between different factions of the Taliban over a stake in the government. The situation has reached such a point that on Friday there was a shootout between the Taliban and the Haqqani network. In this, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the co-founder of the Taliban and the head of the future government, was also said to be injured. However, there has been no statement from the Taliban on this. At the same time, Baradar also met top UN officials in Kabul on Sunday.

IS chief came to rescue

According to the report of the news agency IANS, Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency ISI chief Faiz Hamid has reached Kabul only to intervene in the ongoing struggle for power in terrorist organizations. have arrived.

There was also a split in the Taliban

At the same time, according to Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon official on security matters, various factions of the Taliban, including the Haqqani network, have also refused to accept Hibatullah Akhundzada as their leader. Whereas, the Taliban had said two days earlier that Akhundzada would be the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate and the new government would work under him.

It will not be easy to resolve differences

Michael Rubin also said that resolving these differences would not be easy even for the ISI chief, as Quetta Shura is separate from the Haqqani network. The Haqqani network is different from the Northern Taliban. At the same time, senior US military general Mark Milley has expressed the possibility of civil war in Afghanistan.

Differences emerged in terrorist organizations

Rubin says that the Taliban first announced the formation of a new government on September 3. But, it has not been announced yet. The reason for the delay is being said to be serious differences between various factions over stake in the government. He said resolving these differences would not be easy even for the ISI chief, as Quetta Shura is separate from the Haqqani network. The Haqqani network is different from the Northern Taliban.

Taliban claims to form government soon

The Taliban has once again said that a new government will be formed soon. Anamulla Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said again on Sunday that an inclusive government would be announced soon. But Samangani did not elaborate on the contours of the future government.

willing to kill for power

At the same time, news agency ANI has said that the firing took place on Friday night due to the power struggle between Baradar and Haqqani Network’s Anas Haqqani. Serious differences have also arisen between these two regarding resolving the issue of Panjshir province. The unverified Twitter handle of Panjshir Observer gave information about the exchange of fire between the Baradar and Haqqani factions. It also claimed that Baradar is injured and is being treated in Pakistan.

Pakistan wants government under Haqqani’s leadership

It is also being said that the main objective of ISI chief Hamid, who suddenly arrived in Kabul on Saturday, is to form a government under the leadership of the Haqqani network. Former Afghan parliamentarian Maryam Soleimankhil had said that Hamid had come to Kabul to ensure that a government was not formed in Afghanistan under the leadership of Abdul Ghani Baradar.

Haqqani Network is a puppet of ISI

Maryam tweeted that as far as she knows Hamid has come to form the government under the leadership of Haqqani. The Haqqani network is a puppet of the ISI. However, it is being claimed in Pakistani media that Hamid has gone to discuss about future Afghanistan.

A new government will be headed by Amir al-Muminin

Tolo News quoted sources close to the Taliban as saying that the new government in Afghanistan would be headed by religious leader Amir al-Muminin. A prime minister will also be appointed. Anamulla Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, also said on Sunday that everyone should be patient. A new government will be formed under the leadership of Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada.

No statement from Taliban on conflict

There has been no statement from the Taliban yet on the conflict between the various factions over the government. This is raising doubts that all is not well. Immediately after the arrival of any such news, a statement is made from the Taliban side.

Baradar meets top UN official

In Kabul, Taliban leader Baradar met UN Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffith on Sunday and urged humanitarian aid for Afghanistan. Tolo News reported that the meeting took place at the Ministry of External Affairs. Griffith said the United Nations would continue to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to Afghanistan.

Claims to have killed 600 Taliban terrorists

The fighting between the Taliban and the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRFA) has intensified over the occupation of Panjshir province, news agency Reuters reported. On Sunday, the Taliban claimed its fighters had captured four of the seven districts of Panjshir, and fighting was taking place in the capital, Bajrak. Opposing forces rejected the claim, claiming they had killed 600 Taliban in the northeastern part of the province and arrested more than a thousand.

Saleh rejects Taliban claim

Amrullah Saleh, the leader of the resistance forces in Panjshir and Afghanistan’s first Vice President, has dismissed reports of the Taliban occupying four districts. Opposition army spokesman Faheem Dasti tweeted that Parayan district had been evacuated. There 600 Taliban have been eliminated. More than a thousand Taliban have been captured.

Ready for talks with Taliban: Masood

NRFA leader Ahmed Masood welcomed the proposal of the Ulema Council for talks to end the fighting in the Panjshir Valley, according to Reuters. On NRFA’s Facebook page, Masood wrote that the Front for Peacekeeping is ready to stop fighting immediately. Simultaneously, the Taliban should also stop attacks in Panjshir and neighboring Andrab province. The Ulema Council has also appealed to the Taliban to stop fighting.


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