[Ques] Which country’s national fruit is an “ackee”?

Question : [Ques] Which country’s national fruit is an “ackee”?

…1. Canada 2. Jamaica 3. Mexico 4. South Africa

Jamaica – Creamy, mild, and perfectly paired with sweet or savory dishes, the ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica — but it comes with a warning. It’s a type of soapberry, with an edible fruit that surrounds toxic black seeds. The ackee should only be harvested when the outside is red and the bottom has burst open to reveal the seeds; otherwise the entire thing is poisonous. The fruit is native to West Africa and was introduced to Jamaica in the 18th century. There are two types of ackee: The buttery type is soft and has yellow flesh, while the “cheese” type is harder and better suited to being canned. Despite its delicious taste, the ackee isn’t too popular outside Jamaica and is even banned in some countries due to its poisonous nature. If you visit Jamaica, try ackee and saltfish, one of the Caribbean country’s best-known dishes. :

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