Radio TV Taliban did not allow women to work in Afghanistan

With the capture of Kabul, the Taliban is trying to form a government. Two decades later, the Taliban has once again found the same place. But, a lot has changed in these two decades. Let us tell you that between 1996-2001 Afghanistan was ruled by Taliban. At that time there was neither any shopping mall in the country nor was there any such building which would be surprising to see. But now things have changed. Till the construction of the Parliament of Afghanistan included in the poor countries, India had got it done. Even today, people’s bodies shudder when they remember the scene of the Talibani rule in Afghanistan, which is suffering from poverty.

Shocked Taliban

After two decades, now that the Taliban has captured Kabul, it is astonishing to see the change there. Big buildings and the expensive furniture present in them are things beyond their thinking. Now all this has become a matter of curiosity for them. The younger generation in many places, including Kabul, have not even been directly aware of the Taliban. He only heard about it from his elders. This young generation had seen and heard a lot of attacks in these two decades, but despite this, there was no dearth of freedom given to them.

used to travel by bicycle

After the withdrawal and dissolution of Russia in 1992, there was a situation of large-scale civil war in Afghanistan. Taking advantage of this, the Taliban captured here in 1996. Even in the era of Taliban, vehicles were not as they are today. At that time, most of the Afghans used to travel by bicycle and only by horse cart. There yellow taxis were almost non-existent.

There was only one computer in the country

You will be surprised to know that at that time there was only one computer in the country and that too belonged to Mullah Omar, the head of the Taliban regime. He could not even open or close it. Today the Taliban are seeing its use everywhere. However, even today there are thousands of these Talibanis who neither know how to open nor close it.

Mobile phones were not there till two decades ago

At that time there were no mobile phones in the country. Today Taliban terrorists themselves are seen using smart phones on the streets of Kabul. In many places, he is seen taking selfies with expensive cars or outside beautiful buildings. The Taliban would never have imagined that they would see something like this when they reached Kabul again. Today there are four mobile companies in Afghanistan.

Women did not come out of the house alone

At the time when the Taliban had fled from here, women did not come out of their homes alone and if they did go out with a man, they used to wear a full body covering burqa. But now on the streets of Kabul, they can be seen alone in shopping malls and women going to their work or driving a car.

Indoor Gym & Shopping Mall

Today the Taliban are full of indoor gyms in Kabul. There are a lot of big shops. There are amusement parks, in which the Taliban have been seen jumping and jumping. Until two decades ago, it was very common in the country to publicly cut off the hands or heads of convicts or hang them openly on the streets. The Taliban who entered Kabul are currently going to every house and confiscating the weapons present there. Their weapons have also been taken from all the government jawans. The Taliban have planted their terrorists at various places. Not only this, they have their own men inside and outside the TV channel as well.

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