Rain likely to be normal during August and September, hopes of good crop yields increased

The India Meteorological Department said on Monday that India is likely to receive average rainfall in August and September. This raises hopes of good crop yields in Asia’s third-largest economy, which relies heavily on the vast agricultural sector.

What has the Meteorological Department (IMD) to say

According to most parameters, we expect monsoon rains to be normal in August and September this year, said Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, director general of the state-run India Meteorological Department (IMD), at a press conference on Monday. Mohapatra said that the rains are likely to be below normal in some parts of North and Central India.

Also the India Meteorological Department (IMD) defines average, or normal, rainfall as between 96% and 104% of the 50-year average of 88 cm (34 in) for the four-month season beginning in June.

effect of rain on crops

The state meteorological office is raising hopes of a good crop yield in Asia’s third-largest economy with the possibility of average rainfall, with an average chance of heavy or heavy rain having a significant impact on crops. For agriculture, an average rainfall for a long period of time is a good thing. Because it will not pose any threat to the crops of the farmers. The average rainfall of August and September will give good yield of crops.

With the onset of monsoon in India, sowing of Kharif crops also starts. Which completely depends on monsoon. Normal rains in August and September can prove to be better for Kharif production. This estimate of the Meteorological Department is no less than Sanjeevani Booti for farmers and crops. Which will certainly raise expectations of higher crop yields.


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