Russia’s AK-103 assault rifle is equipped with many features, know how different it is from AK-47

The Indian Army has signed an agreement with Russia for the purchase of a large number of AK-103 assault rifles. The Army is implementing a mega infantry modernization program under which a large number of light machine guns, battle carbines and assault rifles are being procured to replace old and obsolete weapons. Under this, the Indian Air Force personnel will be given modern AK-103 rifles instead of INSAS rifles.

Marine commandos of the Navy are already using AK-103 rifles. This modern weapon is used against the terrorists during their deployment in the Wular Lake of the Kashmir Valley.

important things

The AK-103 rifle is a lighter and safer upgraded version of the AK-47.

– This is a basic infantry assault rifle equipped with modern features. – Its magazine can load 30 bullets.

– Magazines of various older versions of AK series rifles can also work in it.

It has a telescope and night vision as well as a knife and grenade launcher.

Difference between AK-103 and OK-47


With this, up to 650 rounds can be fired in a minute.

It is capable of precise aiming on automatic and semi-automatic modes and is more secure.

– Can hit targets up to a range of 500 meters.

AK 47

It is possible to fire up to 600 rounds in a minute.

– It’s unstable and a bit unsafe on full auto mode.

Its aiming range is up to 400 meters.

The Air Force currently needs 1.5 lakh new assault rifles. The new AK-103 rifles are expected to be delivered to the Air Force in the next few months. This will improve its ability to deal with terrorist attacks. Sources said a contract worth around Rs 300 crore was signed last week under emergency provisions for procuring 70,000 assault rifles from Russia.


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