Security forces killed 100 terrorists in Afghanistan, planes bombed Taliban positions

India and china The military commanders of the Indian Army overcame the ongoing standoff in eastern Ladakh. End to the 12th round Conversation Of. Conversation Lasted some nine hours but its results came as expected. information from sources according to Both nations To avoid actions such as reducing tension in the border area, unilateral military action or provoking each other between military commanders of the methods It is agreed upon, but on withdrawing its troops from areas of Indian concern, including Gogra Post and Hotspring. china no assurance received from. of foreign ministry officers to also by the way right now this case straight of Redressal not showing.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on July 14 regarding the withdrawal of Chinese security forces from Hotspring, Gogra Post and other places. china had shared concerns with his counterpart Wang Yi. Foreign Minister both nations It also referred to the first consensus on demilitarization between the foreign ministers of complaint While registering, it was mentioned that there was no complete demilitarization yet.. between the two foreign ministers Conversation sanghai Contribution organization of foreign ministers Meeting other than in Dushanbe. In a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs India Concerns about the demilitarization of the.

. But china Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave advice
After the Ministry of External Affairs released the excerpts of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s statement, the Chinese embassy met Foreign Minister Wang Yi. talks released part of. wang yi in India appear to be advising. In his statement he India To Relation advised to normalize. Wang Yi made it clear in his statement spoke that last Year The rights and wrongs of what happened in the India-China border area are very clear and the responsibility is not on the Chinese side.. china has case Of Redressal For talks Through Redressal agreed to, but for demilitarization case But the foreign minister was seen evasive. instead of both nations kept insisting on expansion, improvement in bilateral relations of. They spoke that both nations Bilateral relations are at a lower level between. meaningful efforts in this direction Need Is.

complications are increasing, china running move
Foreign affairs expert Ranjit Kumar says that the main Case So from Hot Spring and Gogra Post china is to go after the security forces of. but it’s not spoke Can you know what will happen next and when? Ranjeet Kumar says that the complications are increasing.Former foreign secretary Shashank too Speak that is china now for demilitarization case is putting off. A Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs says that talks being in a positive environment. To maintain peace, harmony on the border of both the countries Way are doing. he says that Case is becoming somewhat technical, but they are confident that talks from its Redressal will come out. formulaic Speak that is India And china of all economic, political interests are connected. So hope that it’s soon Redressal will come out.


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