Separatists have lost their power in Kashmir, remaining terrorism will end soon: Rajnath Singh

The MPs, including the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, keep changing in the country, but a postman named Ram Sharan worked in the Parliament for 21 years. Now the time of his retirement is near. Ram Sharan is retiring from the post of postman on Tuesday. Over the years he has seen many Prime Ministers and MPs change there. On such an occasion, Ram Sharan said that he has served without complaint. A day before his departure from the postal service and after delivering his last ‘dak’ on Friday, he said that if you make mistakes and complaints come against you, you do not get a chance to deliver mail inside Parliament for 21 years.

Had it not been for Janmashtami, today would have been the last working day of Ram Sharan.

Along with this, Ram Sharan said that if Janmashtami was not on Monday, then today would have been his last working day in Parliament. With this, he said, ‘I have never disappointed anyone. If someone used to ask me about my mail not reaching, I would have helped them in every possible way in this matter. Big ministers or ordinary people like me, my job was to deliver their mail, which I did by giving better.

The labyrinthine corridors of Parliament used to confuse initially

When he was posted in the Parliament House in the year 2000, no one wanted to take this responsibility at that time, as most of the people used to confuse him with the labyrinthine corridors of Parliament and the same rooms and doors. Ram Sharan told that in the initial days he too was confused because all the doors and rooms looked the same.

While working, Ram Sharan very soon took down the map of the corridors of Parliament in his mind and continued his work of delivering mail. Ram Sharan, 60, said it was not unusual for him to walk between MPs and ministers as many knew him because of the mail and because of the help. Ram Sharan further said that, ‘The Prime Minister and Minister kept on changing, but my focus has always been on my work.’


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