Sidhu himself became trouble for Congress, controversy arose over the statement

In Punjab, state Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu is becoming a big problem for the party high command. Controversy has also arisen over his statement of playing it with ‘Eat Se Eit’. Sidhu had said in a threatening manner on Friday that if he was not given the liberty to take a decision by the high command, he would play ‘eight to brick’. He, however, did not specify how he wanted the exemption of decisions from the high command. It has already been clarified by the high command that the Chief Minister will be the face of Captain Amarinder Singh’s party in the assembly elections to be held next year in the state. Controversy has also arisen over Sidhu’s statement of playing bricks with bricks. Congress MP from Amritsar Gurjit Singh Aujla objected to Sidhu’s statement saying that I do not know about whom he is making such a statement. On the other hand, Congress’s Punjab in-charge Harish Rawat, while clarifying on Sidhu’s statement, said that Sidhu is the head of Congress in Punjab, so who will take the decision other than him in such a situation. On the other hand, Akali Dal leader Bikramjit Singh Majithia took a jibe at Sidhu, calling him his own man in the Congress.

Sidhu Sidhu, who wants exemption in decisions from the high command, spoke in a threatening manner during the meeting of traders in Amritsar. He said that I am trying to strengthen the Congress and if I am not allowed to take decisions by the high command, then I will beat it with a brick. He said that I have come to the high command with only one thing that if I live up to the expectations of the people through Punjab model, then Congress will not go from power for 20 years. But for this, I need freedom in taking decisions because I have not come to be a mere gimmick. He also claimed that the Delhi model had failed before the Punjab model. Advisors also created controversy Sidhu and his advisors have created troubles for the Congress several times in recent times. After the controversial statements were made by Sidhu’s advisors Malvinder Singh Mali and Dr Pyarelal Garg, the party’s state in-charge Harish Rawat had also raised objections and asked Sidhu to remove his advisors. After this, Sidhu’s advisor Malvinder Singh Mali has resigned. However, along with resigning, he once again made a big attack on the Captain. He said that if anything happens to me, Captain Amarinder Singh will be solely responsible for it. Rawat’s clarification on Sidhu’s statement On the other hand Sidhu’s statement also seems to be a big headache for the party.

However, a clarification has also been presented by Harish Rawat in this regard. He says that Sidhu has a different way of saying anything and that is why he has said this in his own style. Sometimes they hit a six instead of a four, but ultimately it benefits the party. He said that Sidhu is the head of the party in Punjab and he too has the freedom to express his views like other leaders. If I start reacting to his words, then I will have to come in front of the media everyday. Controversy has arisen over Sidhu’s statement of playing brick to brick. Congress MP from Amritsar Gurjit Singh Aujla condemned Sidhu’s statement and said that “Eat Se Bhee” can be played only for the opposition parties and not for their loved ones. He said that such statements tarnish the image of the party as well as have a bad effect on the morale of the workers. A person holding a responsible position should not make such statements. He said that I do not know for whom Sidhu is giving the statement of playing brick to brick.

On the other hand, Akali Dal has taken a jibe at Sidhu’s statement and said that Sidhu is our only man in Congress. Senior Akali leader Bikramjit Singh Majithia said that Sidhu looked very upset after the dinner party hosted by Capt. 58 MLAs had gathered in the Captain’s dinner party, seeing which Sidhu got upset. Along with this, his advisor has also had to resign from the post. Majithia even said that if anything happens to our man Sidhu, the captain will be solely responsible for it. In fact, not only Sidhu’s advisors, but Sidhu has also been creating problems for the party with his rhetorical rhetoric, in preparation for meeting Sonia. Recently, a campaign for change of leadership in Punjab was also started by his camp, but after the setback from the party high command, Sidhu’s camp is still sitting silent. By the way, experts say that the crisis is not over yet as the leaders associated with the Sidhu camp are now preparing to meet Congress President Sonia Gandhi.


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