Storm warning in China, which is facing severe floods, 14 dead due to heavy rain in Pakistan

The situation is uncontrollable due to severe floods caused by rain in Henan province and surrounding areas of China. Dozens of cities are flooded. The Meteorological Department has again given a storm warning. The loss has been estimated at $189 million (about Rs 1400 crore). In Pakistan, 14 people have died and more than 26 have been injured due to heavy rains. At the same time, a forecast of heavy rain has been issued again in Germany.

storm warning issued

Describing the situation as worrying, President Xi Jinping has appealed to the relief team to keep working for the safety of life and property. The skies remained clear in many cities of Henan province after the weather wreaked havoc, but flood waters engulfed more than a dozen cities. The Provincial Meteorological Department has now issued a high-speed storm warning for Xinjiang, Anyang, Hebei and Jiazhuo. Heavy rain is forecast for two more days.

all rain records broken

According to the report of the news agency Reuters, the death toll from the floods in China has risen to 33. Eight missing people have not been traced. All rain records have been broken in the small city of Xinjiang in Zhengzhou. Here from Tuesday to Thursday 812 mm. Rain has been recorded. The entire province had recorded 617.1 rainfall during this period. The average annual rainfall here is 640.8 mm.

Three million people affected by floods

At the same time, according to the news agency PTI, three million people have been affected by the floods in Henan province. Out of these, four and a half lakh people have been shifted to safer places. The crop of more than two lakh 15 thousand hectares has been completely destroyed. A week ago, 13 workers were killed in a water-logging incident during a tunnel construction in Guadong’s Zhuhai city. These laborers were stranded since July 15.

Water filled in metro, 12 died

According to news agency ANI, there are seven lines and 153 stations in Zhengzhou’s metro system. All have been completely closed for the time being. 12 people died after the metro was flooded. In the hospital with ten thousand patients engulfed in the flood, there is a complete power failure. One of its floors is seen to be completely submerged in water. Now patients are being shifted.

Claims in insurance companies for damages in 3200 cars

According to the news agency Reuters, mainly industry and agriculture work in Henan province. Due to the large industry in Zhengzhou city, there has been a lot of damage here. As of Thursday, 3200 car damage claims have been reached in 11 insurance companies. All industries have been badly affected.

14 people died due to heavy rain in Pakistan

According to news agency PTI, 14 people died due to heavy rains in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. More than 26 people have been injured. Several cities in the province have been flooded.

Heavy rain forecast again in Germany

According to the report of the news agency AP, once again a forecast of heavy rain has been issued this weekend in Germany, which is battling with floods and rain. According to the Meteorological Department, heavy rain will start here from the middle of Saturday. Then it will spread over a large area. The recent floods in Germany killed 205 people. Among the dead, 31 people from Belgium are also included.


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