Corona cases increasing in the country, more than 26 thousand new cases in Kerala alone

Corona cases are increasing once again in the country. During the last 24 hours 43,263 new cases of corona have been reported. A day earlier, 37,875 new cases were reported in the country. With 43,263 new cases, the total number of cases has gone up to 3.31 crore, while the number of active cases has … Read more

Daily Kovid 19 cases in Australia increased risk due to fast delta variant

In Australia, cases of infection due to the delta variant of the corona are increasing rapidly. The country has reported its biggest ever increase of COVID-19 infections in a single day. On Friday, for the first time in the Kovid-19 epidemic, daily cases above 1,900 have been registered. Let us tell you that cases of … Read more

Fluctuations in corona cases continue in the country, more than 43 thousand new cases came

There is a continuous ups and downs in the cases of corona infection in the country. More than 43 thousand cases of corona have been reported in the country. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, 43,263 new cases of corona infection have been reported in the last 24 hours. During … Read more

37 thousand 875 cases and 369 deaths in last 24 hours

In many parts of the country including North India, people seem to be getting relief soon from the heat. In its latest update by the Meteorological Department, the report of the coming days has been given, in which it has been said that heavy rain. It was reported that the Monsoon Trough is lying to … Read more

Two cases of mysterious Mad Cow Disease found in Brazil

Two years later, cases of unusual Mad Cow Disease have been reported again in Brazil. Meat exports to China have been suspended with immediate effect after two cases of the disease were confirmed at two different domestic meat plants in the country. The first case of Mad Cow Disease was observed in 1996. Since then, … Read more

Two thousand new cases of MU variant in America, hospitals filled in California, no space left in ICU

Despite vaccination in all the countries of the world, the cases of corona are not decreasing. The situation is that hundreds of people are dying every day due to the epidemic. The havoc of Corona is increasing again in America. Hospitals are flooded in California due to an increase in serious patients. People are hardly … Read more

The situation of corona infection is not improving, more than 26 thousand cases in Kerala

Due to Kerala, the situation of corona infection in the country is not improving. In the last seven days, where there has been a decrease of 22 percent in deaths due to corona epidemic, the cases of infection have increased by eight percent. The biggest reason for this is the serious situation of infection in … Read more

Then the speed of Corona started to scare, today more than 40 thousand new cases for the 5th consecutive day

The speed of corona virus in the country has once again started to scare. Today, for the fifth consecutive day, more than 40 thousand new cases of corona have been reported. According to the news agency ANI, 42,766 new cases of corona have been reported in the last 24 hours and 308 people have died. … Read more

Active cases reached close to four lakh, 45,352 cases and 366 deaths were registered in the last 24 hours

If we look at this week in India, except Tuesday, new cases of corona were reported above 40 thousand on all other days. Once again, the number of new cases reported on Friday has crossed 45 thousand. One of the biggest reasons for the increase in cases is the deteriorating situation in Kerala. Due to … Read more

There are currently no cases of the highly contagious COVID-19 variant C.1.2 in India

Due to Kerala in India, more than 40 thousand cases were being reported daily in the country for the last few days. However, this number decreased for a day, when on Tuesday, 30 thousand cases were registered in the country. However, now once again a surge has been registered in the case of Corona. In … Read more