United Nations expressed concern over the condition of Afghan women, said…

A high-ranking UN woman official has called on Taliban officials in Afghanistan to respect women’s rights. She said, ‘Women have the right to peaceful protest and a life free from violence. Along with taking control of Afghanistan, Taliban officials took the responsibility of protecting the rights of the people of the country, respect and protect … Read more

200 Indian terrorists associated with IS are active in Afghanistan, a cause of concern for India’s security agencies

Due to Kerala in India, more than 40 thousand cases were being reported daily in the country for the last few days. However, this number decreased for a day, when on Tuesday, 30 thousand cases were registered in the country. However, now once again a surge has been registered in the case of Corona. In … Read more

Supreme Court expresses concern over delay in running cases against MPs and MLAs

Vaccine maker Bharat Biotech’s Chikungunya vaccine has been administered to the first participant in Costa Rica, beginning the initial phase of clinical trials. The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) announced this. IVI said – clinical trials are being done in partnership with Bharat Biotech IVI said the trial is the beginning of a multi-center study led … Read more

The situation in Myanmar is deteriorating, after the military coup, Corona and floods increase the concern of the United Nations

After the capture of the Taliban, the US Defense Ministry has confirmed that the terrorist organization Al Qaeda is present in Afghanistan. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has said that al-Qaeda is no longer capable of becoming a threat to our soil. Experts are concerned that Afghanistan is again becoming a refuge for terrorists after … Read more

Agriculture Ministry swung into action after PM Modi’s concern on farming of small and marginal farmers

History repeats itself. Looking at the current pictures in Afghanistan, this is proving to be true. What happened to America 46 years ago in South Vietnam, is visible in Afghanistan today. People are comparing it by sharing some pictures on internet media. Now Kabul repeats the story After 46 years America has to face a … Read more

America expressed concern over China’s nuclear arsenal, said this about Dragon

Hundreds of vaccinated people in Britain have been found infected with the dangerous delta variant. Public Health England has said in its COVID-19 update that there are indications that people who have been vaccinated are also becoming infected with the delta variant. The organization has warned that even in vaccinated people, delta variants can spread … Read more