United Nations expressed concern over the condition of Afghan women, said…

A high-ranking UN woman official has called on Taliban officials in Afghanistan to respect women’s rights. She said, ‘Women have the right to peaceful protest and a life free from violence. Along with taking control of Afghanistan, Taliban officials took the responsibility of protecting the rights of the people of the country, respect and protect … Read more

Why are black women being forced to take up arms in America, increased sales of guns

Black people in America have started worrying more about their safety. This is the reason why there is a competition among black people to buy weapons. In this also women are ahead than men. Figures from the Firearms Industry Trade Association show that nearly 8.5 million people bought guns for the first time in the … Read more

Important decision of the Supreme Court regarding the matter of constable recruitment in Delhi Police!

The Supreme Court on Wednesday said in an important decision that criminal behavior cannot be condoned on the ground of being youth and of rural background. The top court, while accepting the petition of the Delhi Police Commissioner, set aside the order of the Delhi High Court and CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal) asking them to … Read more

Akhilesh Yadav targeted BJP, said…

Samajwadi Party national president Akhilesh Yadav has said that looking at the policy and intentions of the BJP, it seems that the BJP is bent on forming the company’s government. The East India Company formed the government in India. BJP is engaged in the task of making the government a company. He said that BJP’s … Read more

President of Jamia Alumni Association said in Delhi Court…

Yeh Mausam Bheega-Bheega Hai, the air is also fresh.. This song is quite old, but it is very similar to the weather of today. Monsoon 2021 is at its peak. It is raining heavily in the month of August. While the forecast of sluggish monsoon has been issued in Delhi, a rain alert has been … Read more

Taliban has been targeting women under the guise of Sharia law

Taliban 2.0, which has captured Kabul on the basis of gun, may be saying that it will take a soft stand towards women and will also give them freedom, but no one believes in this. The reason for this is very clear. The people of Afghanistan are well aware of the brutality of Taliban terrorists. … Read more

Eight-year-old Hindu boy accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

The liberal Pashtuns of Pakistan have raised their voice against the efforts of the Pakistani government to create unrest in neighboring Afghanistan by assisting the Taliban. The anti-war group Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) has held massive rallies in several parts of the province over the past few weeks. Thailand’s Hagar Media reported that the PTM … Read more

152 police personnel across the country got medals for excellence in investigation

152 police personnel have been awarded the Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation for the year 2021. The medal was instituted in the year 2018 with an objective to promote high professional standards of crime investigation and to recognize such excellence in investigation by investigating officers. The Union Home Ministry said that the … Read more

South Korea to release Samsung boss Lee on payroll

Saudi Arabia has not allowed travelers from a total of nine countries, including Pakistani travelers, to enter its country for applications for Umrah. Saudi Arabia’s Union Minister of Religious Affairs Noor ul Haq Qadri has given this information. Here, the Union Minister of Pakistan has expressed anger over the decision of the British Government to … Read more

Supreme Court fines 8 political parties including BJP-Congress

Supreme Court has taken big action against political parties. Eight political parties including BJP and Congress have been fined. The country’s top court has taken this action for not making public the criminal cases against their respective candidates. The Supreme Court in its judgment today imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh each on the … Read more