Corona cases increasing in the country, more than 26 thousand new cases in Kerala alone

Corona cases are increasing once again in the country. During the last 24 hours 43,263 new cases of corona have been reported. A day earlier, 37,875 new cases were reported in the country. With 43,263 new cases, the total number of cases has gone up to 3.31 crore, while the number of active cases has … Read more

India’s Kovid 19 vaccine supply boom, increasing export hopes for the world

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign is being carried out rapidly in India. Vaccine production is in full swing. More than half of the youth population in the country has been given at least one dose of vaccination. In such a situation, given the huge jump in the supply of Kovid 19 vaccine in India, there are … Read more

Mental stress is increasing among people due to many circumstantial reasons during the Corona period

In March last year, the World Health Organization declared Kovid a pandemic and the details of those infected and the number of dead due to this epidemic have been read and heard daily. But there is another disease inherent in this epidemic – problems related to mental health. The irony is that the detailed data … Read more

Corona epidemic is increasing rapidly again in America, know

The corona epidemic in America has started increasing again at a fast pace. The delta variant of Corona is being cited as the reason for this. The US health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has expressed fears that there may be a sharp increase in the number of hospitalized patients in the … Read more

In view of the increasing cases of corona and festivals, strict restrictions of corona in Kerala from today

In view of the increase in corona cases and festivals, Kerala has decided to make the restrictions of corona more strict from today. Kerala has decided to implement new guidelines from Wednesday and impose special stringent lockdown restrictions in panchayats or urban wards. The positivity rate of corona in these areas is more than 8 … Read more

Hospitalization patients started increasing rapidly in America, China has the highest number of cases in a day

The delta variant is not wreaking havoc in the US. The number of hospitalizations of corona infected patients has become the highest in the last six months. On an average, one lakh new cases are being reported every day in America. The number of critical patients has increased by forty percent due to the delta … Read more

Corona infection increasing rapidly in China, 125 new cases came

After capturing rural areas in Afghanistan, the Taliban is now rapidly infiltrating provincial capitals as well. The Taliban also captured the third provincial capital for the third day in a row. His terrorists have succeeded in capturing Kunduj. There is a fierce struggle going on for the capture of other provincial capitals. Afghan army airstrikes … Read more

Range of delta variants increasing in many countries including South Korea

The cases of corona infection are increasing continuously in the country and the world. The cases of delta variants coming to the fore in many countries have added to the concern. Let us tell you that last week, the World Health Organization had confirmed that cases of delta variant have been reported in 132 countries … Read more

COVID-19 cases increasing in Sri Lanka, WHO said…

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Sri Lanka said that the cases of COVID-19 are increasing globally, including in Sri Lanka. Local media reported on Monday that the country has been seeing an increase in infected patients in recent weeks. In Sri Lanka, the WHO said in an official tweet that this increase in patients … Read more

Corona cases increasing rapidly in Britain, record 1,449 deaths in Indonesia

Despite restrictions and vaccination campaigns around the world, the cases of corona are not decreasing. According to the data shared by John Hopkins University, the number of infected worldwide has crossed 19.25 million, while the number of people who lost their lives due to the epidemic has crossed 41.2 lakh. Brazil and Indonesia have been … Read more