152 police personnel across the country got medals for excellence in investigation

152 police personnel have been awarded the Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation for the year 2021. The medal was instituted in the year 2018 with an objective to promote high professional standards of crime investigation and to recognize such excellence in investigation by investigating officers. The Union Home Ministry said that the … Read more

Investigation of Pegasus maker NSO begins in Israel

An investigation has been started against Israeli company NSO Group, which has been in controversy over its surveillance software Pegasus. Israeli security agencies visited many offices of this cyber security company and took stock. Many governments of the world are customers of this company’s spy software Pegasus. Due to the espionage carried out by these … Read more

Hearing against ten people, including the former administrator, in the investigation of a major financial fraud in the Vatican from today

There is a war going on in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the Afghan army. General Wali Mohammad Ahmedzai, Chief of the Afghan Army, was to visit India on a four-day (27-90 July) visit. However, due to the increasing attacks of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the visit to India has been postponed. However, Ahmedzai’s visit … Read more

European countries are also troubled by Pegasus’s genie, the French President changed the phone, then the investigation of the matter started in Hungary

Everyone is surprised after the case of spying of special people through Pegasus came to light. The name of French President Emmanuel Macron has also been revealed in the people who have been spied by Pegasus. In view of this, he has changed his number without delay. This information has been given by the President’s … Read more