Daily Kovid 19 cases in Australia increased risk due to fast delta variant

In Australia, cases of infection due to the delta variant of the corona are increasing rapidly. The country has reported its biggest ever increase of COVID-19 infections in a single day. On Friday, for the first time in the Kovid-19 epidemic, daily cases above 1,900 have been registered. Let us tell you that cases of … Read more

India’s Kovid 19 vaccine supply boom, increasing export hopes for the world

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign is being carried out rapidly in India. Vaccine production is in full swing. More than half of the youth population in the country has been given at least one dose of vaccination. In such a situation, given the huge jump in the supply of Kovid 19 vaccine in India, there are … Read more

Johnson & Johnson seeks permission for Kovid vaccine trial for children aged 12-17 years

In March last year, the World Health Organization declared Kovid a pandemic and the details of those infected and the number of dead due to this epidemic have been read and heard daily. But there is another disease inherent in this epidemic – problems related to mental health. The irony is that the detailed data … Read more

Disclose data on Kovid vaccine clinical trial, Supreme Court notice to central government

The situation of corona in Kerala is deteriorating rapidly. Yesterday, 18,607 new cases of corona were reported in Kerala and 93 patients died. With this, the total number of infected people has increased to 35,52,525 and the number of deaths due to corona infection has increased to 17,747. Since Saturday, 20,108 patients have become infection … Read more

In Japan, only serious Kovid infected will get a place in hospitals

Corona crisis has increased once again in many countries of the world. America, China and Brazil seem to be in the grip of a new wave of Corona. The news agency IANS quoted Johns Hopkins University as saying that the number of corona infected in the world has crossed 19.82 crores. The pandemic has killed … Read more