Major reshuffle in Pakistani army with the withdrawal of Taliban

A powerful earthquake struck near the beach resort of Acapulco in southwestern Mexico on Tuesday, killing one person. Please note that the magnitude of the earthquake has been measured at 7.0. The shock of the earthquake was so strong that the tall buildings became a pile of rubble on sight. As soon as the tremors … Read more

How did the Taliban reach the level of power from the conflict, know the major milestones in the dates

After the announcement of the US withdrawal, the Taliban intensified their struggle to seize power in Kabul. After the US presidential election, newly elected President Joe Biden announced a military withdrawal from Afghanistan, sticking to the policies of his predecessor Bill Clinton. After this, Biden announced the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan ahead of … Read more

Hearing against ten people, including the former administrator, in the investigation of a major financial fraud in the Vatican from today

There is a war going on in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the Afghan army. General Wali Mohammad Ahmedzai, Chief of the Afghan Army, was to visit India on a four-day (27-90 July) visit. However, due to the increasing attacks of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the visit to India has been postponed. However, Ahmedzai’s visit … Read more

Major airstrike by Afghan army on Taliban, 30 Taliban terrorists killed, 17 injured

Afghanistan has conducted a major airstrike on the Taliban. On Friday, more than 30 Taliban militants were killed and 17 others were injured in airstrikes by the Afghan Air Force in two provinces. The Defense Ministry of the country has confirmed this. Xinhua news agency, citing a statement by Afghanistan’s defense ministry, said that 19 … Read more