Afghan will become a safe haven for Pakistan-based terrorist organizations after Taliban capture: Experts

The new Taliban government in Afghanistan has made many big announcements and claims, but experts and political leaders believe that the Taliban administration may have to face governance issues. He stressed that the Taliban first lost control of the country in 2001 and that Afghan society had changed significantly. A webinar was organized on Wednesday … Read more

America said – terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda and Islamic State are still present in Afghanistan

After the capture of the Taliban, the US Defense Ministry has confirmed that the terrorist organization Al Qaeda is present in Afghanistan. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has said that al-Qaeda is no longer capable of becoming a threat to our soil. Experts are concerned that Afghanistan is again becoming a refuge for terrorists after … Read more

Terrorist organizations celebrate the victory of Taliban

Terrorist organizations have blossomed after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s power. Al-Qaeda and its affiliated terrorist organizations around the world have praised the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The terrorist organization has compared the Taliban’s control of much of Afghanistan to an early Muslim conquest. Not only this, the Yemen branch of Al-Qaeda … Read more