48 percent students forgot to read and write, this is the side effect of Corona

Schools closed for 17 months i.e. 500 days due to Corona epidemic have had the worst effect on the education of children. A survey conducted among children from 1362 underprivileged sections of the society has revealed that 37 per cent children in rural areas and 19 per cent in urban areas are not studying at … Read more

The matter will be made only by stopping the infection, for herd immunity, antibodies are needed in more than 85 percent of the people.

The fourth sero survey shows that now there are fewer people left in the country, who are more prone to epidemic infection. Before the second wave, about 76 percent or 105 crore people in the country were in danger, now this number has come down to about 400 million. This is good news. This low … Read more

Rapidly increasing cases of corona virus in America, 83 percent of the cases coming out are related to the delta variant

The daily cases of corona epidemic in America are increasing rapidly. The delta variant is said to be the main cause of infection. Most of the 90 percent cases are being received from those parts of the country where the speed of vaccination is low. According to new data from the White House, about 97 … Read more