China and Russia collusion on Afghanistan crisis, now Chinese and Russian brothers

The nexus of communist countries China and Russia on the Afghanistan crisis is now clearly visible. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin held intense discussions on Wednesday about establishing a foothold in Afghanistan. But nowhere in the conversation of these people was the demand of the G-7 countries, in which it was … Read more

Corona hit Iran hard, 542 died, 990 in Brazil and 787 in Russia

Deaths due to corona are not stopping in many countries of the world including Iran, America, Brazil and Russia. More than one lakh new cases of corona were reported in America on Saturday. It is believed that the dangerous delta form of Corona is behind the increase in cases of infection in America. Health officials … Read more

India and Russia to conduct 13-day mega military exercise in Volgograd

Scores of Kashmiri refugees living in Balochistan showed little interest in the recently concluded elections in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and many polling stations did not turn up even a single voter. This was reported by Dawn. Imran Khan’s PTI emerged as the single largest party in PoK assembly elections on Sunday with 25 seats. Of the … Read more

Russia alert to the growing threat of Taliban, soldiers deployed on Tajikistan-Afghan border

Russia has sent military equipment to the border areas between Tajikistan and Afghanistan to deter potential threats from the terrorist organization Taliban. Russia is concerned about the situation arising due to instability in Central Asian countries where it has military bases. In recent weeks, hundreds of Afghan civilians, including police and government troops, have left … Read more