Iraq: Islamic State attack on checkpoint in Kirkuk city!

The world’s dangerous terrorist organization Islamic State has carried out a deadly attack on a checkpoint in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. 13 policemen have died in this attack. According to the news agency AFP, ISIS has attacked a checkpoint near the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. So far 13 police personnel have been … Read more

More than 31 thousand cases and 153 deaths were registered in Kerala in a day, the state government announced night curfew

The speed of corona is increasing once again in India. According to the latest data released, in the last 24 hours, 460 people have lost their lives in the country with 45,083 cases. At the same time, 35,840 patients have also been cured. At present, the total number of active cases is 3,68,558. It is … Read more

UK and US troops at Kabul airport threatened, Islamic State may carry out suicide attack!

Describing Pakistan’s hand behind the Taliban’s capture in Afghanistan, its sin star Aryana Saeed has urged the international community to cut economic aid to Pakistan. Also, Aryan said ‘thank you’ for the help from India to Afghanistan. He expressed grief over the sudden withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. Sin Star urged the international … Read more

America said – terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda and Islamic State are still present in Afghanistan

After the capture of the Taliban, the US Defense Ministry has confirmed that the terrorist organization Al Qaeda is present in Afghanistan. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has said that al-Qaeda is no longer capable of becoming a threat to our soil. Experts are concerned that Afghanistan is again becoming a refuge for terrorists after … Read more

Kerala High Court gave a setback to the state government in the gold smuggling case!

The Kerala High Court has given a big blow to the state government in the gold smuggling case. The court on Wednesday stayed the May 7 order issued by the state government directing it to set up a commission to probe the alleged attempt by the ED to implicate Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in a … Read more

Taliban militants kill the chief of the state media wing

Due to the Corona epidemic, there has been a huge shortage of foreign workers in America. This has had an impact on the business here. Due to this seasonal business has come to a standstill. This problem has arisen in many parts of America due to the spread of Corona virus. In particular, the number … Read more

Bommai, the new CM of Karnataka met PM Modi, sought the gift of AIIMS for the state

The month of July was heavy in terms of monsoon. Heavy rain occurred in different parts of the country in the last few weeks. During this, the sight of landslides, cloudbursts to flood situation was seen. At present, the Meteorological Department has still issued a ‘red alert’ of rain in many areas. There will be … Read more

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to visit India on July 27

The daily cases of corona epidemic in America are increasing rapidly. The delta variant is said to be the main cause of infection. Most of the 90 percent cases are being received from those parts of the country where the speed of vaccination is low. According to new data from the White House, about 97 … Read more