No country has given a warm welcome, America, Japan, Germany are not happy with the faces of Taliban-2

A powerful earthquake struck near the beach resort of Acapulco in southwestern Mexico on Tuesday, killing one person. Please note that the magnitude of the earthquake has been measured at 7.0. The shock of the earthquake was so strong that the tall buildings became a pile of rubble on sight. As soon as the tremors … Read more

Hurricane Ida has killed 45 people in America so far, Joe Biden said…

The Taliban will announce their government in Afghanistan today (Friday). It will include some of his familiar faces. In this government of Taliban, there will be a Prime Minister and there will also be a President. At present, the name of senior Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar and Mullah Omar’s son Yakub is coming out … Read more

How will America and its allies put pressure on Taliban in Afghanistan?

The picture is starting to clear about the new government in Afghanistan. The new government to be formed in Afghanistan will be headed by the supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada. According to the report of news agency ANI, there will also be a Prime Minister in the new government. At the same … Read more

US will continue to support Afghan people through diplomatic and humanitarian aid: Biden

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that the United States will continue to help the Afghan people through diplomatic channels. Joe Biden said this while addressing the Americans at the end of the 20-year-long military campaign in Afghanistan. The Taliban have captured Kabul airport as soon as America leaves the country. Simultaneously, Taliban leaders … Read more

US MP Krishnamurthy questioned the withdrawal of troops and said…

After the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, influential Indian-origin lawmaker Raja Krishnamurthy has said that the US should continue its campaign against terrorism in Afghanistan. America can fight together with India in this campaign. With the efforts of both the countries, the violence-hit country will not be able to become a safe haven for … Read more

US President Biden said – now he will not build his military base in any country

After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, a debate has erupted over the Taliban’s relations with other countries of the world. While some countries have made their position clear regarding relations with the Taliban, some have remained silent. In such a situation, the question arises that what will be India’s strategy regarding the Taliban. After all, … Read more

Safe return of 1,200 people, including key diplomats and 300 US citizens, from Kabul: Biden administration

Senior officials in US President Joe Biden’s administration say the US has finally recalled all key diplomats in Kabul, including Ambassador Ras Wilson, ahead of Biden’s deadline on Tuesday. Apart from this, a total of 1200 people, including 300 American citizens, have been evacuated from Afghanistan in the last 24 hours. However, there is still … Read more

Claims like ‘new Taliban’ are deceiving, the Indian government is taking firm steps

With two decades of fighting in Afghanistan with the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and the deaths of 2,400 soldiers, the US has lost patience in this eternity war. America knows that Pakistan adopts a dual approach. Despite this, with the help of Pakistan, he spoke to the Taliban in Qatar. It is … Read more

No cooperation from China, America could not even know the reason for the origin of Corona

It is not yet clear whether the corona epidemic, which has killed more than 4 million people in the world, originated due to natural causes or its virus was leaked from a lab. American intelligence agencies have not been able to reach any concrete conclusion even after a long investigation due to lack of expected … Read more

Taliban intensifying the siege of Kabul airport, firing outside the premises

Taliban siege at Kabul airport in Afghanistan has intensified. He has increased his presence around the airport. He is also controlling the vacant areas of the airport. Things are changing both inside and outside Kabul Airport as the deadline for the withdrawal of foreign forces, including the US, approaches 31 August. Evacuation operations in many … Read more