United Nations expressed concern over the condition of Afghan women, said…

A high-ranking UN woman official has called on Taliban officials in Afghanistan to respect women’s rights. She said, ‘Women have the right to peaceful protest and a life free from violence. Along with taking control of Afghanistan, Taliban officials took the responsibility of protecting the rights of the people of the country, respect and protect … Read more

Women cannot hold high positions in Taliban government, protests took place in surprise

The Taliban will announce their government in Afghanistan today (Friday). It will include some of his familiar faces. In this government of Taliban, there will be a Prime Minister and there will also be a President. At present, the name of senior Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar and Mullah Omar’s son Yakub is coming out … Read more

Why are black women being forced to take up arms in America, increased sales of guns

Black people in America have started worrying more about their safety. This is the reason why there is a competition among black people to buy weapons. In this also women are ahead than men. Figures from the Firearms Industry Trade Association show that nearly 8.5 million people bought guns for the first time in the … Read more

Taliban looking for women who were active for rights

After the occupation of Afghanistan, women are facing the most problems regarding the attitude of the Taliban. The Taliban is now trying to nab such women, who were working for women’s rights in the society. Similar women’s rights activists and journalists have told their ordeal. According to the New York Post, journalist Saira Salim told … Read more

For the first time, women officers were promoted to the rank of colonel

The weather was very nice on Monday. By noon the temperature was high, due to which there was humidity and heat, but by evening, heavy rain started. People got relief from cold winds and torrential rain. There was heavy rain in many areas on the previous day. Today’s weather is also going to be similar. … Read more

Taliban has been targeting women under the guise of Sharia law

Taliban 2.0, which has captured Kabul on the basis of gun, may be saying that it will take a soft stand towards women and will also give them freedom, but no one believes in this. The reason for this is very clear. The people of Afghanistan are well aware of the brutality of Taliban terrorists. … Read more

Tribal women are becoming self-reliant by selling drumstick leaves, money ‘growing’ on the tree

The pace of corona infection in Tamil Nadu seems to be slowing down now. The Tamil Nadu government on Saturday announced to extend the coronavirus lockdown for two more weeks till September 6 in view of the low number of corona cases in the state. So at the same time, the government has announced some … Read more

100 ago today, jihadi Moplahs did horrific cruelty to Hindu men and women

In March last year, the World Health Organization declared Kovid a pandemic and the details of those infected and the number of dead due to this epidemic have been read and heard daily. But there is another disease inherent in this epidemic – problems related to mental health. The irony is that the detailed data … Read more

Radio TV Taliban did not allow women to work in Afghanistan

With the capture of Kabul, the Taliban is trying to form a government. Two decades later, the Taliban has once again found the same place. But, a lot has changed in these two decades. Let us tell you that between 1996-2001 Afghanistan was ruled by Taliban. At that time there was neither any shopping mall … Read more

After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, the UN is also worried about the women persecuted

The United Nations has expressed deep concern after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. The head of the organization, Antonio Guterres, says that the progress that was seen in Afghanistan after the arrival of the Taliban may be over. He has also expressed concern about the rights of women there in future. He has said that … Read more