Taliban capture third provincial capital in three days

After capturing rural areas in Afghanistan, the Taliban is now rapidly infiltrating provincial capitals as well. The Taliban also captured the third provincial capital for the third day in a row. His terrorists have succeeded in capturing Kunduj. There is a fierce struggle going on for the capture of other provincial capitals.

Afghan army airstrikes intensify, 572 terrorists killed

The Afghan army is conducting airstrikes to remove the Taliban’s capture. With the killing of two hundred terrorists in Shabargan, the army has claimed to have killed 572 terrorists across Afghanistan.

Taliban terrorists break into Marshal Dostum’s house, loot all weapons

Taliban militants have broken into the house of Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum in Jaujan province and looted all his weapons. Dostum returned to Afghanistan only last Wednesday.

Taliban militants control Kunduz city

The Taliban have already captured Shebargan, the capital of Jaujan province, and Zaranj, the capital of Nimruj. Now the city of Kunduz has also been captured by him. In this battle, Taliban terrorists also killed many civilians. According to Reuters, the Taliban have completely taken control of government buildings in Kunduz. Apart from this, Taliban terrorists have also entered government buildings in Sir-e-Pol city.

US bombs Shabarghan after Taliban capture, 200 terrorists killed

After the Taliban’s capture of Shabarghan, the US Army’s B-52 fighter jets have carried out relentless airstrikes. 200 terrorists were killed in these attacks, more than a hundred of their vehicles were destroyed. According to the Defense Ministry of Afghanistan, in the last 24 hours, the army has killed 572 terrorists in different provinces. 309 terrorists have been injured in the army attack. A school and a clinic were also damaged in air strikes in Helmand province, according to the AP.

Iran closed the border as violence escalated

According to ANI, Iran has completely sealed the border with Afghanistan. Iran has said that it has closed its border due to increasing violence.

US condemns Taliban occupation of cities

According to ANI, the US Embassy in Kabul has condemned the occupation of the provincial capitals. The US has said that the Taliban should declare a ceasefire.

Terrorists forcibly marrying girls

According to the IANS, the situation in the districts and cities held by the Taliban is bad. The Taliban militants announce the handing over of the girls over the loudspeakers of the mosque at the occupied locations. Then they are forcibly married by taking them from there. Taliban terrorists are asking civilians the number and age of women present in their homes. In many places, fearing Taliban terrorists, people are sending the women of their homes to safer places. Along with atrocities on women, looting is also being done.


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