Taliban did not like PM Modi’s talk of ‘power of terror’, said…

There has been a big disclosure in the firing incident of Italian aircraft taking off from Kabul Airport in Afghanistan.. The Taliban have said its fighters opened fire in the air to disperse the crowd near the airport.. Their target was not the Italian military transport aircraft C-130.. In the first several media reports of Rome officers It was claimed that Italian aircraft have been fired in Kabul..

There were about 100 passengers on board the plane.
Italian military officers previously reported that a C-130 transport aircraft carrying about 100 Afghan civilians from Kabul Airport was fired upon a few seconds after its flight to Rome.. An Italian journalist told Sky TG24 that she was on board the plane with 98 Afghan civilians when the plane was shot down by machine guns..

The pilot waved the plane in the air
the journalist spoke was that the pilot acted on this firing immediately and swung the aircraft around in the air to protect it from bullets. During this all the citizens aboard the plane got scared.. We got a little nervous but soon condition was overcome.

Safe landing in Kuwait
The report said that the Italian airplane landed safely in Kuwait.. Check No evidence of any attack on aircraft has been found during. After refueling the plane has been sent to Rome.

This aircraft can withstand small arms attacks
Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules aircraft capable of carrying out minor attacks Simplicity can withstand. Its outer structure is so strong that near There is no reason for firing from a gun like an AK-47. Effect Will not done. About 20 countries of the world including America, India, Australia are using this aircraft.. It has been tried many times in the battlefield as well..


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