Taliban engaged in government formation in Afghanistan, final names for Finance Minister-Interior Minister and Defense Minister

Five members of the feared All Girl Afghan Robotics team and more than a hundred media personnel have arrived in Mexico after the Taliban took control of the power of Afghanistan. Members of the robotics team were warmly received by Deputy Secretary of State Martha Delgado during a press conference at Mexico City’s international airport late Tuesday. The robotics team consists of women of all ages and the youngest is 14 years old. This team has won international awards for its robots.

Taliban banned girls’ education and work

When the corona virus was spreading in war-torn Afghanistan, he started work on a low-cost ventilator. Other members of the team have recently reached Qatar. Earlier, when the Taliban was in power in Afghanistan, it had banned the education and work of girls. Mexico has announced assistance to Afghan women and girls. On the other hand, 124 foreign media personnel from Kabul have also reached Mexico on Wednesday morning. Let us tell you that both Afghanistan and Mexico are considered dangerous countries for journalists.

Female football players rescued from Afghanistan

Earlier, instead of accepting the terms of the Taliban, the players of the Afghanistan women’s national football team considered it appropriate to say goodbye to the country for the time being. Ensuring his “freedom”, the Australian government on Tuesday evacuated him along with a group of 75 people on a special flight from Kabul in war-torn Afghanistan. This is considered to be a big victory for the women football players of independent views. Fifpro, the global association of football players, has thanked the Australian government for helping to evacuate players, team officials and their family members. Evacuation of more people from Afghanistan continues.

“These young women (both as players and activists) were in danger,” the union said in a statement. We thank the international community for coming forward to help them. The Afghanistan women’s football team was formed in the year 2007. Women were not allowed to play under the Taliban. Women players were advised this month to remove internet media posts and photos of them with the team so that they do not become a victim of retaliation after the fall of the Afghan government.


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