Taliban fighters will sweat in Panjshir, the possibility of civil war in the valley, US closely watch

The Taliban, who are planning to occupy the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan, have suffered a setback. On the other hand, Ahmed Masood, the leader of Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front and the son of a former Mujahideen commander, has said that he will follow in his father’s footsteps and will not surrender to the Taliban. His army will fight Taliban fighters till their last breath. After all, what is the matter of Panjshir Valley? Why Panjshir fighters created a big obstacle for Taliban in their own country. America is also keeping a close eye on the latest developments in Panjshir Valley.

Taliban preparing for major attack on Panjshir

The Taliban is preparing for a major attack in Panjshir. Taliban fighters have arrived to attack Panjshir with heavy weapons. It is being said that this time the number of Taliban fighters is also more. On Sunday night, Taliban fighters attacked Andrab district of Baglan province, adjacent to Panjshir. There are reports of many people being killed here. In view of the attack, rebel fighters have started preparations in Deh-e-Salah district of Baglan. After this attack, exodus has started in the area around Panjshir. Local people are running away from their homes. The insurgents fighting the Taliban here had retreated a few days ago and went to the mountains, but now they have started attacks on the Taliban from the mountains itself.

Panjshir fighters can create trouble for Taliban

However, the Taliban are also in favor of an early resolution of the Panjshir case. The Taliban believe that if Panjshir’s fighters are not pacified, they will face difficulties in running the government. It is worth noting that the Panjshir Valley is the only area in Afghanistan on which the pulses of Taliban fighters have not been able to melt till date. Taliban negotiators are in constant talks with Ahmed Masood to join the government. According to sources, no agreement has been reached so far. Haqqani’s claims have also not been confirmed yet.

Panjshir fighters open front against Taliban

Panjshir has a large population of Tajiks and Hazaras. The special thing is that many people of Afghan army have also reached here. It is believed that an army of six thousand people is present to take on the Taliban. In such a situation, there is news that the Northern Alliance can start a fight against the Taliban. In the last three days, people from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces visited the Panjshir Valley. They are strengthening Masood’s alliance. The Taliban attacked on several fronts. Recently, Taliban opponents have captured three provinces of Afghanistan. On the other hand, Taliban fighters have knocked in Panjshir. The forces of Taliban and Panjshir are in face-to-face. The Taliban have said that force will be used if Ahmed Masood does not surrender.

Panjshir Valley has been a stronghold of opposition to Taliban rule

Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley has long been a stronghold of opposition to the Taliban regime. Mujahideen leader Ahmed Shah Masood, who fought against the former Soviet Union, made this valley his stronghold. When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan two decades ago, the Panjshir Valley was still completely free and independent. However, this time around the situation has completely changed. The Taliban is stronger than ever. Therefore questions are being raised on the independence of Panjshir. Questions are also being raised whether they will be able to compete with the Taliban.

Ahmed Masood raised the flag in protest against the Taliban

In the Panjshir Valley, Ahmed Masood, son of Ahmed Shah Masood, has now raised the flag in protest against the Taliban. However, Masood does not have any major identity other than his father’s legacy. Amrullah Saleh, the Vice President of Afghanistan, has also taken refuge here. Those with close ties to Western and anti-Taliban governments are trying to form an alliance with Masood against the Taliban.


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