Taliban frees 700 fighters after breaking prison in Afghanistan

The conflict between the Taliban and the Afghan army is increasing in Afghanistan. The Taliban attacked a prison in Sheberghan City and freed 700 Taliban fighters lodged here. The Taliban imposed Sharia law in three provinces of the country. On the other hand, in the two months since the start of the conflict with the Taliban, nearly three lakh Afghans have been rendered homeless in their own country. About 40 thousand Afghans had to go to Iran to save their lives.

Many families migrate to other places

According to the report of the United Nations agency International Organization for Migration (IOM), many families in Afghanistan have migrated to other places to escape Taliban attacks. However, despite the danger, many people have also returned to the country from abroad. Among them there is a large number of people who were expelled from their place by Pakistan and Iran due to Corona.

Taliban’s fatwa issued if girls are seen outside, they will be taken away

The Taliban has issued a fatwa in Badakhshan, Takhar and Ghazni provinces. It has said that if girls and widows over the age of 12 are seen alone outside the house, Taliban fighters will pick them up. Islamic Sharia law will apply to Afghan women. The Taliban had implemented this law during 1996-2001 as well. Afghanistan was then occupied by the Taliban.

112 Taliban terrorists including 30 Pakistanis killed

In Helmand province, 112 Taliban militants, including 30 Pakistanis, have been killed. All the killed were members of the Pakistani terrorist organization Al Qaeda. These people were helping the Taliban. The Afghan army carried out air strikes in the city of Lashkargah. 31 terrorists have also been injured in the attack. On the other hand, the Afghan army has killed 385 Taliban terrorists in more than 15 provinces including Kandahar, Herat in 24 hours.

Taliban free prisoners from jail

In a video viral on social media, it is seen that after taking control of Shebergen, the Taliban freed prisoners from the prison there. Something similar was also seen in Jojjaan in another video. The Taliban are present in Herat, Lashkar Gah and Kandahar. Jozjan Deputy Governor Kader Malia says government forces and officials have withdrawn from the airport.


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