Taliban government will run by clerics in Afghanistan, seeks cooperation for new government

Now the cleric will run the new government in Afghanistan. The Taliban, which captured Kabul, have said that the next government will be headed by a cleric. According to media reports, at a gathering in Kabul, the Taliban said that their 20-year struggle should not go in vain and that the clerics should lead the future government of Afghanistan. The terrorist organization had called this gathering of clerics to cooperate in building a strong political system. The Taliban has also sought cooperation from the common people for the new government.

Taliban also sought cooperation from clerics in building a strong political system

According to Afghanistan’s news agency Khama Press, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has said that they are forming an inclusive government in which the rights of all people will be protected. “Despite partisan, linguistic and communal values, people should come together and work for the development of Afghanistan as an Afghan,” Mujahid said. The Mujahid also denied allegations that the Taliban were smuggling weapons and military vehicles to other countries.

Taliban giving big responsibilities to top leaders

Although the government has not been formally formed in Afghanistan, but according to the news agency Reuters, the Taliban is giving big responsibilities to its top terrorist leaders. Terrorist leader Mullah Abdul Qayyum Zakir, who was imprisoned for several years in the Guantamao prison in the US, has been made the acting Defense Minister. Gul Agha has been made the Finance Minister and Sadr Ibrahim has been made the caretaker Home Minister. However, these appointments have not yet been formally announced by the Taliban.

Who is Gul Agha?

The Taliban has already made it clear that a democratic government will not be formed in Afghanistan. This has become clear from these appointments as well. Gul Agha looks after the Taliban’s economic affairs. He is also a childhood friend of the terrorist organization’s founder Mullah Omar. There was a time when a Mullah could not meet Umar without the approval of the Agha. Sadr is also an active and trusted member of the Taliban.


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