Taliban looking for women who were active for rights

After the occupation of Afghanistan, women are facing the most problems regarding the attitude of the Taliban. The Taliban is now trying to nab such women, who were working for women’s rights in the society. Similar women’s rights activists and journalists have told their ordeal. According to the New York Post, journalist Saira Salim told that in the past she has been fighting for women’s rights. Now the Taliban is looking for them by making a list of women like her.

According to Saira Salim, four days ago in the night her house was also raided by Taliban members. Then she hid under the cot. The Taliban members asked her father, ‘Isn’t his daughter afraid of losing her life?’ Saira told that the car with the flag of Taliban stood in front of his house for a long time. Now he is forced to live in hiding. They fear that the Taliban will not treat them well. Journalist Saira Salim is just one example of women active in Afghanistan.

The women of Afghanistan, who breathed in the open air for twenty years, are now again falling prey to the excesses of the Taliban. At the same time, a statement has come out from the Taliban regarding the education of women. The Taliban’s acting higher education minister said on Sunday that Afghan women would be allowed to attend university but mixed classes would remain banned under the new regime. That is, boys and girls will not study together in any college. There will be separate classes for girls.

The acting minister of the Taliban’s Higher Education Department, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, told ministry staff, government and private universities, that a safe educational environment would be provided for the girl students. However, experts in the education sector of Afghanistan believe that after this order of the Taliban, it will be challenging to arrange additional staff to separate the girls’ classes. On the other hand, officials of private universities say that most of the laws have been implemented on private universities only.


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