Taliban put Hamid Karzai and Abdullah under house arrest, removed security for both

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai and National Reconciliation Council chief Abdullah Abdullah have been placed under house arrest in their homes in Kabul. The Taliban also withdrew their security on Thursday. According to the CNN report, their cars have also been taken by the Taliban. On Wednesday, they also searched the house of Abdullah Abdullah. After the capture of Kabul, the Taliban had promised to form a government in coordination with everyone.

He also held talks with former President Karzai and former chief executive Abdullah Abdullah. The two leaders had been living in Kabul since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. Last week, Abdullah Abdullah and Karzai met Abdul Rahman Mansour, the Taliban’s alleged acting governor, in Kabul.

They discussed giving priority to the protection of life, property and honor of the citizens of Kabul. Abdullah Abdullah told the Taliban’s acting governor that in order to normalize the atmosphere in the capital Kabul, it is necessary to make citizens feel safe. Earlier, Abdullah Abdullah had expressed hope that the Taliban would form an inclusive government. At a press conference earlier this month, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid promised to form a government involving all parties.

Both the leaders are included in the committee to form the government of the Taliban.

Earlier this week, the Taliban inducted Karzai, Abdullah and Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar to its 12-member council governing Afghanistan. The Taliban are in the process of forming a new government after taking control of the capital Kabul as well as almost all other provinces in the country on 15 August.

Why did the Taliban put under house arrest, the situation is not clear yet

It is not yet clear why the Taliban have placed these two senior leaders under house arrest. Both these leaders had a close relationship with the Taliban for a long time. Then the Taliban had captured Kabul, even then these two leaders had negotiated reconciliation with them. In such a situation, many questions are also being raised on the detention of Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah.

Taliban and Northern Alliance agree not to attack each other

The Taliban and the Northern Alliance have now agreed not to attack each other, indicating a major change. According to Geo News, talks between the Taliban and Northern Alliance representatives for the last two days in Charikar, Parwan province of Afghanistan. was happening. The formal announcement of this peace deal will be made by the leaders of the Taliban and the Northern Alliance in a press conference. Since the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban has been facing opposition from many areas, in which the Panjshir Valley is prominent. Two days ago, when the Taliban sent their fighters to this area, the Northern Alliance gave a befitting reply. It is known that Panjshir is a deep valley located in the Hindukush ranges and it is located 80 km north of Kabul. The fighters present here get full advantage of the geographical area.


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