Taliban taking weapons from local residents of Kabul

The United Nations has expressed deep concern after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. The head of the organization, Antonio Guterres, says that the progress that was seen in Afghanistan after the arrival of the Taliban may be over. He has also expressed concern about the rights of women there in future. He has said that the progress achieved during the last two decades in this direction should be protected and their rights should be protected at all costs.

Afghanistan has suffered the brutality of the Taliban for a long time before and after 2001. Afghan women were hit hardest by the Taliban regime. Under the Taliban, women were prohibited from leaving home alone, pursuing higher education, working outside, listening to music, watching matches, and traveling abroad alone. Those who did not follow the rules of the Taliban were given general punishment. Even before the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, women parliamentarians elected here had also expressed similar fears that the establishment of Taliban rule may once again bring back the old bad days of the country.

Now Guterres has said the same thing. He has stressed that incidents of abuse of women have to stop at all costs. There were many incidents of rape of Afghan women under Taliban rule. Referring to all these, Guterres said that all parties, including the Taliban, should abide by international human rights laws. The rights of the countrymen should be respected.

A note from the UN chief said that Afghanistan faces tremendous challenges in the changing environment. He has also cautioned that the war has caused tremendous human loss. Therefore, the relief workers should be allowed to do their work and given free passage to help the people and to provide life saving assistance.

The UN Secretary-General has said that the United Nations is determined to provide a peaceful political solution in Afghanistan and to promote human rights in the country. Apart from this, it is also necessary to take care of the rights of women and girls.


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