Terrorist ISIS Khorasan group prepared like this, may attack Kabul airport again

New Delhi: After the bomb blast at Kabul Airport, there is a threat of attack once again.. of the american broadcast company According once again on friday Terrorist Organization may carry out ISIS-Khurasan attack. America issues alert about new attacks.

At the same time, the Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS Khorasan) has also claimed responsibility for the attacks on Thursday.. Actually Khorasan is the most dangerous of ISIS Terrorist group is. of this group start 6 Year happened before.

American Broadcast Company (ABC) According Again on Friday at Kabul Airport Terrorist may be attacked. Car bomb threat at airport’s north gate. In fact, 13 American soldiers were killed in the attack on Kabul airport on Thursday. death is over. After this attack, US President Joe Biden terrorists told to find and kill. They spoke that no one will be spared.

Taliban as its own enemy ISIS believes Khurasan
Suicide attacks on Kabul airport Responsible affiliated with Islamic State (IS) Terrorist organization is. It is known as Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-Khorasan).. its establishment six Year happened before. of power and dominance War I own this faction to the Taliban enemy admits.

This is how Khorasan is prepared
– In 2012, the fighters formed a group in Khorasan area, this Area Bordered by Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan
In 2014, this group was inclined towards ISIS and they joined the campaign of Islamic State..
– 20 modules Present Time of ISIS in Active Huh
– ISIS-Khurasan is considered the most dangerous faction
– Khorasan has the strongest network in South Asia.

already attacked Terrorist faction
ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-Khurasan) has also done several attacks in Afghanistan in the past. Terrorist have attacked. This Terrorist The organization visited a girls’ school in Kabul in May. Dangerous claimed responsibility for the explosion, which killed 68 people and injured 165.
Khurasan also attacked the British-American Halo (HALO) Trust in June.. In this 10 people were killed and 16 others were injured..

ISIS wants Khorasan
Khorasan faction of ISIS wants to build new base in Afghanistan. The ISIS-K faction has an alliance with Al Qaeda, this group also includes fighters trained with Al Qaeda.


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