Terrorist organizations celebrate the victory of Taliban

Terrorist organizations have blossomed after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s power. Al-Qaeda and its affiliated terrorist organizations around the world have praised the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The terrorist organization has compared the Taliban’s control of much of Afghanistan to an early Muslim conquest. Not only this, the Yemen branch of Al-Qaeda has also congratulated the Taliban on their victory. The way terrorist organizations around the world are celebrating the victory of the Taliban, it indicates a bigger danger.

Will raise the flag in Syria too

According to the report of news agency ANI, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a terrorist organization linked to Al-Qaeda in Syria, expressed the hope that taking lessons from the victory of the Taliban, its flag will be raised in Syria as well. Let us tell you that the terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is also known as HTS. It is a powerful militant group in rebel-held parts of northwestern Syria. This terrorist organization has said that no matter how long it takes, they will win in Syria.

Al-Qaeda said – its fight will continue

Meanwhile, the Yemen branch of Al-Qaeda has congratulated the Taliban on the victory in Afghanistan and vowed to continue its military operation. It is worth noting that these reactions from all terrorist organizations have come at a time when al-Qaeda is struggling to garner support at the international level and is repeatedly making promises to the world that it will take the land of Afghanistan. Will not allow it to be used in terrorist activities.

Taliban become role model

It is the same Taliban that sheltered al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden during their rule from 1996 to 2001. The news agency Reuters has said in its report that at present, the Taliban has emerged as a role model among terrorist organizations around the world. Al Qaeda, operating in the Arabian peninsula, has issued a statement saying the Taliban’s victory shows how jihad represents the restoration of sharia-based rights.

Experts expressed concern

According to the news agency ANI, these reactions of terrorist organizations coming from all over the world are giving very dangerous signals. Experts have expressed concern that with the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, the country could once again become a breeding ground for terrorism. It should be noted that recently US President Joe Biden has also attracted the attention of the world to this. He said on Thursday that at present, the threat from al-Qaeda and their allies has increased in the rest of the world.


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