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Despite vaccination in all the countries of the world, the cases of corona are not decreasing. The situation is that hundreds of people are dying every day due to the epidemic. The havoc of Corona is increasing again in America. Hospitals are flooded in California due to an increase in serious patients. People are hardly getting beds in ICU. According to John Hopkins University, the number of corona infected worldwide has crossed 220 million while the death toll from the epidemic has exceeded 45.6 lakh.

Cases increased despite vaccination

It is worth noting that despite vaccination in California, this jump has been recorded in the number of infected. Governor Gavin Newsom said that more than 80 percent of people 12 or older in California have been given at least one dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine. With this pandemic figure, California has become one of the states with the highest vaccination rates in the US.

No space left in ICU

The number of patients in California is increasing rapidly due to the delta variant. The situation is critical in the hospitals of the Central Valley here. According to health officials, there is no space left in the ICU in the hospital. There has been a severe shortage of staff. In some places, only ten percent of the staff remains. In some places, the number of new cases has doubled in the last four weeks. In view of the ever-increasing number in hospitals, the authorities here are now contemplating shifting the patients to other places.

Two thousand cases of MU variant found

In the US, 2000 new cases of MU variant have been found. Most of the patients of this variant are in California, Florida, Texas and New York. According to the report of ‘The New York Times’, 1,60,901 new cases of corona infection were found in the US on September 4, while 1544 people died in a day. According to the report of news agency IANS, children are also being affected by the delta variant of Corona in America. In the last one week, the cases of children have also increased by more than two lakhs.

Mu variant can dodge the vaccine

Recently the WHO said that the mu or b.1.621 variant is indicating resistance to the anti-Covid-19 vaccine. This variant was first identified in Colombia in January this year. Since then this virus has been found in South America as well as Europe, South Korea, Japan, Canada. According to the report of the US newspaper Washington Post, most cases of the mu variant have been reported in California, Florida, Texas and New York. Currently, the Delta variant remains the cause of more than 99 percent of cases in the US.

793 deaths in Russia

Every day more than 18 thousand new cases are being found in Russia. The total number of patients here has crossed 70 lakhs. Despite the rapid introduction of the vaccine, the number of patients in Russia is not decreasing. According to the report of the news agency Reuters, 18,645 new cases of corona infection have been reported in Russia in the last 24 hours, while 793 people have died. In Russia, the number of corona infected has increased to 7,012,599 while 187,200 people have died so far.

Cases also increased in Britain

More than 37 thousand new patients are being found in Britain every day. According to the report of the news agency Reuters, 37,011 new cases have been reported in Britain in the last 24 hours while 68 people have died. With this, the number of infected has increased to 6,973,995.

Brazil took this step

Brazil has banned China’s Sinovac vaccine. The plant in which this vaccine was being made has not been certified by the Health Organization of Latin America. This ban has been imposed at a time when millions of doses of Chinese vaccine have arrived in the country.


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