The lions of Panjshir will not lay down arms, Saleh said…

The Taliban may be capturing power in Afghanistan, but Panjshir remains an eye-opener. Taliban terrorists have not yet been able to step into Panjshir. Afghanistan’s acting President Amrullah Saleh has said that he will continue to fight for the rights of Afghan citizens. Recently, the Northern Alliance of Panjshir Valley has claimed that it has killed about 350 Taliban fighters who came to attack.

Amrullah Saleh said, ‘Our resistance is to protect the rights of all Afghan citizens. This resistance is based in Panjshir. Today, this valley hosts the entire country. This valley is a hope for the Afghan people who are trying to escape persecution.

Responding to the Taliban, Amrullah Saleh said, ‘The Taliban will soon get a setback in Afghanistan. The collapse of the economy and the absence of facilities will soon haunt the people. The Taliban’s weapons and harsh behavior will not be effective against the insurgency and anger of the people. Just wait for the time.’

The Taliban is currently making many big claims about Afghanistan. Also working on many future plans. The Taliban has also appealed to other countries to cooperate with it. Countering this, Amrullah Saleh said that what the Taliban has achieved in the last few years does not mean stability. Also, the recent occupation of Afghanistan does not mean your stability. Stability is a coherent system of taking everyone along, to whom the Taliban group has no relation at all.

Taliban intensify siege of Panjshir Valley. The Taliban leader said that at present, the people of Panjshir are being urged to hand over control peacefully. Thousands of fighters and army personnel, led by Ahmed Masood, the son of a former Mujahideen commander, are fighting against the Taliban from Panjshir. Former Afghan government vice-president Amarallah Saleh is also in Panjshir. Taliban leader Amir Khan Motaki issued a recorded statement urging Panjshir fighters to surrender. The message said that the Islamic Emirate is home to all Afghans. The Taliban has given amnesty to all the people, in such a situation they should also surrender. Motaki has said that efforts are being made to hold talks with the leaders of Panjshir, but so far no result has been achieved. According to ANI, the Taliban have stopped internet services in the Panjshir Valley. All entry and exit routes have also been closed. The decisive battle has now begun on Panjshir.


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