To reduce pollution in this famous city, the speed of vehicles reduced

To protect the beautiful and historic capital of France from pollution, the maximum speed of vehicles on all roads there has been fixed at 30 kilometers per hour. This new rule has also been implemented from Monday. Paris officials say it is a preliminary step to save the city’s environment from deteriorating. Due to this people will also be safe as there will be no road accidents due to slow movement of vehicles. Paris will become more safe and convenient for pedestrians. However, surveys have shown that few people agree with this view of the administration. In the densely populated areas of the French capital, people walk on bicycles faster than cars, which sometimes becomes fatal.

This rule will be applicable everywhere except the main ring roads and highways.

Despite some criticism, Paris officials said their decision was in line with a survey showing that 59 percent of Parisians are in favor of the new speed limit. The measure is also in line with an appeal issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) in May, calling for stricter speed limits in urban areas. As of Monday, about 60 percent of Paris roads had a 30 kmph limit. Now, this would be applicable everywhere except the main ring roads and highways.

Why did Paris lower the speed limit for vehicles?

Paris officials announced the new measure in July, saying it was aimed at increasing traffic safety, creating more space for cyclists, reducing noise and contributing to climate protection. Paris deputy mayor David Belliard said the decision was aimed at reducing the space taken up by cars, including reducing their speed.


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