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The pace of corona infection in Tamil Nadu seems to be slowing down now. The Tamil Nadu government on Saturday announced to extend the coronavirus lockdown for two more weeks till September 6 in view of the low number of corona cases in the state. So at the same time, the government has announced some more relaxations in the lockdown including the reopening of high schools, colleges and cinema theaters.

Tamil Nadu government gave relief under lockdown

1- Schools will reopen with 50 per cent capacity from September 1 for students of classes 9-12.

From September 1, all the colleges will work alternately with teaching and non-teaching staff.

From August 23, theaters have been allowed to reopen with 50 per cent capacity.

4- All shops operating till 9 pm can work from 23 August till 10 pm.

5- IT related organizations can work with 100% workforce.

6- Employees associated with the midday meal scheme can work in Anganwadis.

7- Inter-state public transport has been allowed for Andhra and Karnataka.

8- Swimming pools will be allowed to open for competition, swimming pools are still closed to the general public.

9- Bars will be allowed to remain open inside resorts and lodges.

10- Zoo and botanical garden have also been allowed to reopen.

11- All the small traders and shopkeepers who work around the beach have been instructed to apply the corona vaccine.

12- Bars, hotels and clubs have been allowed to open after vaccination of all employees.


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