Two children killed, Chinese civilian injured in suicide attack in Pakistan’s Balochistan province

At least two children were killed and three others injured in a suicide attack targeting Chinese civilians in Pakistan’s Balochistan province on Friday. A Chinese national is also among the injured. According to police, the blast took place in the Baloch ward area of ​​the port city of Gwadar in the afternoon. The injured have been admitted to the local hospital. So far no one has claimed responsibility for it. the police has started to investigate.

On the other hand, people facing acute shortage of water and electricity along with livelihood crisis in Pakistan’s port city of Gwadar once again protested against China on Thursday. Two people were injured in the police crackdown on the protesters. According to the British newspaper Guardian, local people’s displeasure against China’s multi-billion-dollar One Belt-One Road project is increasing.

During the protests, fishermen and local workers blocked roads as well as stopped Chinese trucks from taking water. During this, people also raised slogans against the government of Pakistan by burning tires at places. Demonstrator Faiz Nigori said that they have been rallying against the lack of water and electricity for more than a month, but the government’s ear is not crawling. On the contrary Imran government is using police to suppress our voice.

The Gwadar port of Balochistan is an integral part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project (CPEC). Pakistan has given this port to a Chinese state-owned company on a lease of 40 years. The CPEC is being constructed under China’s One Belt-One Road project. If the One Belt-One Road project materializes, China will get a trade route from East Asia to Europe (about 70 countries).


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