UK and US troops at Kabul airport threatened, Islamic State may carry out suicide attack!

Describing Pakistan’s hand behind the Taliban’s capture in Afghanistan, its sin star Aryana Saeed has urged the international community to cut economic aid to Pakistan. Also, Aryan said ‘thank you’ for the help from India to Afghanistan. He expressed grief over the sudden withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.

Sin Star urged the international community to stop the financial aid being given to Pakistan, saying, “They (Talibans) are being instructed by Pakistan, their bases are in Pakistan where they got training.” I hope that first of all the funds that Pakistan receives from the international community should be reduced so that they cannot help the Taliban.

Concerns expressed about the future of women in Afghanistan

Aaryana said, ‘I am worried for the women who will be trapped inside the houses and they will be deprived of their basic rights. Their going out alone or going to school will stop completely. If the command of Afghanistan is left in the hands of the Taliban, then the women there will have no future. Aaryana said, ‘I am out of the country now and so I feel fine but sad for the millions of people trapped there, especially Afghan women.’ After the withdrawal of the Taliban, Aryana managed to leave Kabul by American flight.

Sin Star disappointed with the withdrawal of foreign troops

Afghanistan’s sin star Aryana Saeed said in a conversation with ANI on Tuesday, ‘Super power countries had told the purpose of coming to Afghanistan to get rid of Al Qaeda and Taliban. After living there for 20 years and spending millions of dollars, losing soldiers’ lives, they suddenly decided to leave Afghanistan, it is shocking. Aaryana further said, ‘They are being instructed by Pakistan, their bases are in Pakistan where they are trained. I hope the international community will cut their funds and not fund Pakistan so that they do not have enough money to fund the Taliban.

Sin star Aaryana further said, ‘Over the years till now we have seen such videos and evidence that Pakistan is behind the power of Taliban. I hope that Pakistan will no longer interfere in the politics of Afghanistan.


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