US focus on completing evacuation from Afghanistan by August 31

Top UK military officials believe Islamic State (IS) may target British and US troops helping with evacuation operations at Kabul airport. Sputnik, citing Times sources, said ISIS could launch a suicide attack in the crowd. IS suicide bombers are a serious threat to British and American troops. Soldiers have to keep their fingers on the trigger all the time while holding a child in their other hand. This is a very delicate situation.

A Taliban member told the newspaper that its members have been instructed to ensure security at the airport and thwart possible attacks by Islamic State. The commander said there was a security risk at the airport and ISIS could strike at any time. Our jawans are checking every person and vehicle. We do not intend to create trouble for the Afghan people.

According to the British newspaper, 900 British soldiers were sent to Afghanistan to help American soldiers in airlifting Afghans and citizens of other countries from Kabul. London has also decided to extend the deadline for the evacuation operation in Afghanistan. This week Britain plans to evacuate about 6,000 people from Afghanistan. Sputnik said Britain has so far evacuated about 5,725 people from Kabul, including 3,100 Afghan nationals.

In view of the potential security threat in Afghanistan, the US Embassy has advised its citizens to avoid arriving at Kabul airport unless personal instructions are received from a representative of the US government. The situation in Afghanistan is continuously deteriorating. People have been in a hurry to leave the country since the Taliban came under control last week. The country’s government fell soon after President Ashraf Ghani left the country on August 15. Countries are increasingly evacuating their citizens from the war-torn nation. Kabul airport is facing huge chaos these days due to instability in the area.


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